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Sunday, September 12, 2004 

Life is such a ruthless substance!

I was about to write on the events in Khanaqeen between Mala Bakhtiar (special delegate from PUK leader talabani ) to talk to the Diala(one of the Iraqi governorates where saddam made Khanaqeen to be governed from instead of Kirkuk governorate) so called governor about the arabisation he was about to resume in the arabised Kurdish city of Khanaqeen!
This story tells the governor to shut up!!
I was touched by his story, Yousuf, an 18 year old Kurdish guy who had lost his family when he was only 5, as he vaguely remembers at the time of the mass flee after the 1991 uprising when the coalition forces let down the Iraqi people for saddam to kill everyone from the uprising areas!
At that time he was taken by another family to Iran and stayed with them for 5 years then one day he plays with their little girl while an argument breaks out between them and when the father returns in the evening and they tell him about hwat happened he lashes Yousuf twice, for the next morning he leavs the house while he was only 10. He then heads to Tehran working in a tea shop and sleeping on the streets as he was not allowed to even use the hotels as just like his Kurdish friends in Syria he was an alien without an ID. imprisoned 3 times!
Then a family from Sardasht (again a Kurdish family has to act, well you dont exect persians or Turkmens or arabs; all muslims to do anything for him, do u?) tell him that the best thing to do is to go back to Kurdistan and look for your family...now he is back in his town looking for his family while staying at the house of one of the security officers!!
he says: Find me someone from my family or find me a grave!

Oh lord, wherever I look I find more and more grief about this nation!just last week the massgrave in my town, and now Yousuf reminds me of the mass escaping(in kurdish korraw= mass migration) day when we where all walking towards the border to get out of Iraq as we where looking behind to see if any plane or any military vehicels are following us?
The roads where all packed with ppl as the border wasnt yet opened officially by the Iranian authorities!
You, Diala Governor as you were told the other day, we had enough from racism and arabisation, it is 21st century for heavens sake, kurds are still demanding a peacefull life!

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