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Saturday, September 11, 2004 

Stories that didn't make the news this week

Mass grave found in halabja.
This is one of those stories that u don't see or watch on the news but u find a couple of days later on news sites under archive. Apparently the bodies were
discovered by accident while doing some roadworks, But shhh we shouldn't say
that about a poor old man who likes gardening eating muffins.

Head of education speaking for the italian hostages

This is one item i wish i saw all of. I came across the end of it by chance on diyar and the head of education was saying "these 2 girls were against the war and came out of good will and on their own money to help us. They were helping our schools, is this how we pay them back what do these terrorists want if they want to take me iinstead ill change places with them"

It was great to hear someone say that on tv (even on unknown channel) I wanted to see it again to catch his name, but they didn't repeat it. I wasn't expecting to find it anywhere because everywhere else we are meant to believe that iraqis hate foreigners and are bloodthirsty enough to enjoy and encourge kidnapping while foreigners hate iraqis and want to steal their money and oil.

People of najaf demonstrate against sadr

They showed it on hurra and from the looks of it this wasnt the first demonstration against sadr, the best banner i saw there was 'we demand news stations out of najaf' funnily enough a while later i saw scroll text on jazeera saying 'supporters of the interim government demonstrate in najaf'

Its pathetic that most channels are doing the best they can to make sure iraq ends up lising everything.Noticed how much hate they have created between everybody.
I only know very few proverbs in any language but this one i think applies to
those who quietly support such these actions 'Saketun 3an il 7aq, shaytanun
akhras' which loosely translates to 'someone quiet against injustice is a mute
Rick from Inside view has really good report regarding that.

I have been checking on sep 11 articles in the newspapers, I have come across a few good ones from elaph.com but they tend to drag on for a while so they'll probably lose meaning through translation.
However wonder what most people thought of this article from freemuslims.org We are sorry for 9-11, do americans feel that this is it too little too late or worth saying.

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