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Thursday, September 16, 2004 

Typical hypocrisy

I was reading this old article regarding the capture of the two Simonas (I know its getting worrying how there’s almost no news of what happened to them for a long time). When this part caught my eye
An Iraqi woman resisted, but they dragged her by her head scarf, threw her into a car and sped away, witnesses said

I’m thinking wait a minute isn’t this scarf pulling what that other terrorist group is allegedly pissed off at france about.
Oh the glory of islam... wonder how long we'll have to wait for the day when ppl will finally wake up from their imaginary world and see what ppl are doing in the name of islam, but with the mentality in these parts... don’t bet on it happening any time soon, underdeveloped brains take a few lifetimes to evolve.

Though u know the other thing that crossed my mind was wouldn't it be great if these hostage taking groups used that as a reason kidnap other hostage takers. At least that way we could get rid of this scum without the need of human and animal rights activists belching the geneva convention all the time.

Of course that’s just wishful dreaming, the causes for any of these acts are anything but piety and seeking forgiveness of the lord... it’s the simple language of the amreeeky dollar. At least now slowly the true face of UNELECLTED association of muslim scholars is becoming clearer to rest of the world. Just money making ex-mukhabarat and ex-cons in religious garb. Almost every hostage taking crisis ended with a large amount of money 'donated' to muslim scholars, is it any wonder that all ransoms or demands to release hostages go through them. Weirdly enough very few news sources mentioned it. Understandably the arabic ones cos' well let’s face they don’t live in the same solar system as the rest of the world does. But again western news is equally disappointing.

I really would like to know how they personally benefit from handing us half-baked news. Is it arrogance or what, I mean thinking of it they're always willing to interview extremists when discussing iraq but never seem to interview ppl who do honestly want what’s good for iraq.
They somehow present these kidnappings as a case of "oh well it’s because of their cause" and because the cause is religion they don’t seem interested in going into more detail about it like that’s enough explanation. Well surprise they're using that factor to rip you off royally. How many times is this association muslim scholars going to be paid of because of "it's their cause nothing we can do about it".

It reminds me of all these tourists who visit these old souqs in the ME and end up being cheated heavily by the shop-owners who make them buy crap that no one in the ME uses through making them believe that there's something mystical about being an underpaid worker in a cheap cornershop or those who believe any dude with a beard can come forward and bless them (like ppl who have to do cheap magic tricks for a living have the power to bless). You know all in the name of "oh that’s how they do things around here, that’s the way they are"

Well I think its ignorance or even racist really to think that ppl who have certain features or speak a different language don't have the basic knowledge of what’s right or wrong and the fact that they do certain acts is because its natural to them. They can’t understand that criminal from falloujah, for example, is the same as a criminal in any part of the world, different languages and costumes don’t change that fact.

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