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Tuesday, September 14, 2004 

Everyday 100 Iraqi Children die!

Yes the whole world stood up when the children were taken by the militants at the school in beslan...Yes the picture of the naked children were everywhere in this totally biased mother earth!
My mother earth is not rotating fairly anymore, it still allows the sun to rise from east but most of the time gives more time to the sun before it sets from west while shouts at it to rise from east as west is in need of enerhy and wants east to burn abit by its strong noon lights! Oh well she never remembers Africa, I dont know why, she might be angry with me saying all this but I just dont know who to blame! at least I can blame the universe for the horribly written fates of those children who couldnt make it to even start schoool today!why them?
Koran says: "Bi Ayi Zanbin Qutilet?" ..."for what reason was killed?" I am pretty sure that Bible says something about them as well!
Oh no I am sure that the same pain is felt when an Iraqi child's soul flys to heaven(if there is one!) as that of the Beslan school children! and just like the Chechen childrens' ones! the same as those of the stone throwing children in Palestine, same as those Israeli (Jewish) children blown away by human bombs!
100 children a day means, something like: 20 future doctors, maybe 15 architects, arond 30 nurses, about 25 teachers and 5 genius Iraqi minds which might later be activists in different human rights agencies and about 5 Muslim scholars who might preach to thousands of stupid minds like their Killers'!
Great stuff resistence guys, you are just about to expell the whole 150000 US troops! go for it stupid selfish enemies of peace you will get no where but kill more and more Iraqi children while injurying soldiers who will cure possible by the time you are dead which is around the next day morning or late evening!
Now you have two Simona's the two ladies on the other side of "the Bridge to baghdad" then just fight on one side, protect the children on yourside if you care for Iraqis at all! Oh I am sure you like your brutal dictator are aiming at killing people on both sides of "the Bridge to baghdad" and intending to destroy the bridge itself exactly the sameway your pirate head Saddam used to destroy Halabja and Fao inside Iraq and Abadan, Tehran and Kwait city on the other side of the war!
I am sure that you care about Simona's and the Iraqi children just as much as you cared about the Family of the Turkish driver you executed today!
I do not understan how on earth these people acount for facts, a poll on aljazeera.net asks whether the explosions help expelling the occupiers and 85% of the voters (non Iraqi Arabs of course) say YES!!!!!!! I leave this for the Arab Leaders to comment on it!

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