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Sunday, September 19, 2004 

oh thank you glorious arabs and islamists

Just heard breaking news... ansar al-sunna have just beheaded 3 kurds who belonged to the KDP party And apparently there's a tape.
Just another reminded of the 'love' we will receive from our arabic and islamic brethren. They're probably resentful cos' there are still methods of torture that weren't tried on us over the past many decades.

Apparently these islamic groups have been beheading kurds like flies as described by scott taylor here

Where is the international community when all this happens.. probably following and orgasming over a story of some baathist jamming his nuts in a drawer or a hearth-wrenching tale of how militants and excutioners deserve to be loved or something equally 'newsworthy'.

You know whats even sadder... they are the ppl of kurdistan and unfortunately of Iraq who are getting murdured in their own home but no one thinks it worth mentioning aren't they worthy of airtime even. Kurdish blood is cheap in the new iraq same as they were in the previous dicatorships. The only difference is that before we were killed in the name of arab nationalism now we're killed in the name of islam.

Do we have to repeat again... why is kurdistan forced to be attached to such backward countries. I know there are good ppl but in these countries the strong beat the weak and the good ppl are always week. The ones running the show have a familiar motto that goes along the lines of they want death (and that death to everyone inluding themselves) we want life. Why are these ppl allowed to exist in the 21st century.. oh wait i forgot human rights, im just really angry at the moment so I think ill stop typing now else i might end up saying something i regret

Ill just end by saying my deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of the 3 murdured men.

hi i just came upon this am trying to understand who killed the men why also whats happening to the man who wrote the blog!

it sounded sensible the comments hence i kept reading also agree with what he says abt salahededin he had honour for sure as in "kingdom of heaven"

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