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Tuesday, September 28, 2004 

Free at last

This would be the last in my post-athon today. I've hardly left the house the past few days thanx to an over-dramatic throat and this is how I kill time.

I am so relieved that the 2 Simonas, Mahnaz and Ra'ad are released and in seemingly good health, imagine how their families must feel. Honestly these kidnappers have no shame how they consider kidnapping and terrorising aid workers an act of bravery i'll never know. Saying that, we should also take a moment to remember the ones who weren't so lucky. I'm waiting for the day these criminals get what the deserve oh yes and it shall be Iraqi style no matter what 'human rights' and these people say.

Though 2 things crossed my mind today, how did the association of muslim terrorists and the king of jordan know about this before anyone else and second how come it is that if an iraqi official says its impossible to hold elections now he is a power-hungry american puppet while a jordanian dictator (lets be honest here, power is not heridetary in the 21st century) says so .. he is a considered a reasonable and wise man.

Just saw some jazeera footage of the women's release, was looking at the screen confused why they were showing two women covered from head to foot even had a 2 layer niqab (face cover) on. Later they uncovered their faces and ended up being the 2 simonas. At least that clarifies how the terrorists managed to take hotage around baghdad no questions asked (well that an heavy weapons). Iraq should make a law banning Niqabs, it's the same as shaded windows on cars at the time being, only for criminal use.

Also more tragic news of Iraqis being killed this time 9 workers 6 of which were chaldean christians in Baghdad. I heard of this on kurdistan tv and this is the only link I could find. Apparently 2 were even decapitated and tapes of it have been going around in Mosul. Look if Iraqi forces are unable to stop these animals commiting crimes the least they could do is stop the tapes being distributed or stop imams in mosques declaring fatwas to kill more people for racist reasons.

However there are also reports that a member of ansar albastards or as they like to refer to themselves ,ansar al sunna, has been caught in Kirkuk. I still don't understand why none of these caught criminals are ever shown on tv, is there a rule or law banning this? At least mention their names family names some sort of humiliation. You keep these things quiet everyone will think there's no punishment encouraging more to happen.

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