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Wednesday, September 22, 2004 

The Kurds' Burning Questions

Another brilliant post by Adnan Hussein in Asharq Alawsat newspaper today

If you haven't read any of hisd article before u can check my translation of qawmachies and fundamentalists I feel kinda guilty pushing down Piling’s calming post with this one. But this article really caught my attention. Also the benefit of having it written by a non-kurd is that it can't be refuted by being called self-glorification and victimization.

So read the translation below and then read Piling's refreshing post as a remedy. Also if u haven't read it before check Delal's (another new contributor) review of the kurdish human rights conference in San Francisco

The Kurds' Burning Questions
by Adnan Hussein

With pain, condemnation, shock, anger and disappointment the questions flooded from kurdish intellectuals, politicians and civilians alike in the cultural Kurdish-Arabic conference on friday and saturday in Hawler (arbil)

It has been the first time I have seen iraqi kurds in this this state of worry and panic towards their relation with arabs. Even in situations where they were chemically bombed, 4000 of their villages and towns destructed, half a million forced deportation and the loss of 180,000 of their ppl (and the search for mass graves in the deserts still continues on leg and limb) - the kurds haven't asked questions with such a confused and shock filled tone.

The kurds are asking about this hate-campaign against them that has spread from baghdad to the capitals of the western-most arabic countries, and the goals behind arabs insistence of fighting them and the constant accusations, without any evidence or proof, that they are allowing israel into iraq through their front (some think that mossad started the rumor to poison relations between arabs and whats left of their allies). They also want to know why defending their rights has been portrayed as separating from iraq even though they are the ones that decided to re-unite with iraq in a federal state after being separated from Saddam hussein for 12 yrs

The kurds are asking about the fatwas coming from certain mosques demanding the spilling of their blood, whether civilian or military, and their echo of what happened days ago in mosul where 3 kurds were killed, causing extremist kurds to retaliate against arabs and therefore starting a kurdish-arab war in Iraq.

Can we convince the kurds by saying that the ones behind these campaigns are a small minority of arabs that want revenge for themselves instead of facing the reality that their 'historial' projects have failed and can not be rebuilt again on its old unequal foundations

Can we convince the kurds by saying that this small minority don't want to bury its dead of 4 decades ago . They don’t want to admit that arab nationalism, created by turkish 'intellectuals' at the beggining of the last century, was fatally stabbed when the guillotine unity between a democratic syria and dictatorship nasserite egypt (1958-1961) was severed, and by not providing the victim (arab nationalism) with the correct remedy it died in june of 1967. Instead of burying the victim his corpse deteriorated and its pungent smell and disease spread throughout the middle east.. who under nationalist governments ruled egypt, iraq, syria, yemen, sudan and algria in the most oppressive and violent manner and where iraq was its complete embodiment

Can we convince the kurds by saying that this small vocal minority stand against any non-chauvinistic modification to arab nationalism and have found nothing else to hide behind except extreme fundamentalism that has kidnapped the islamic religion so that the 2 can meet in a devilish communion to destroy the best of what’s left of the arabs and kurds, as well as the muslims and the entire human race.

"But why us specifically?" the kurds ask again.

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