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Sunday, September 19, 2004 

Update... 3 hostages

Here are the final photos of the three hostages... ends up they were just uni students whose car broke down on the way back from baghdad.. ah the 'brave' islamic front

I read the report from the mouth of impotence.. ansar al sunna and seriously the whole damn statement looked like a spoof.. brainwashed and usual referral of najis (filthy) and dirt, this coming from ppl who havent been introduced to bar of soap or water at any point in their lives and whose hearts and minds are even filthier.

Those three young men have more decency than all those islamic/resistance groups put together will ever have

Actually i don't feel comfortable insulting any religion letalone my own, so i wont offend it on that basis but why not fight fire with fire. They use the Quran to claim that death is too good for us then why not turn the tables.

I'll take this oppurtunity to clarify a few points to the modern messed up muslim/arab who for some reason or other are brain dead enough to think this is some help to their religion or 'country':

1. The last person to do anything good for islam was a KURD yes pronounce each of those 4 letters carefully a kurd not the same as an arab.. Salahaddin ring a bell?
The arabs were dumb and money-hungry enough to get themselves occupied again and that has nothing to do with us. Even the ones responsible for studying the Quran and Sunna like Bukhari for example weren't arabs as well. Same applies for ppl who studied islam along with other religions thoroughly like Yusuf Ali and Ahmed Deedat.

2. Arab muslims have not done any glorious or victorious act in the name islam over the past 1000 yrs... alot of 0's i know. So any joke groups like ansar al 7aywan and sunna and tawheed and jihad or muhajereen might as very well be doing their jihad in the name of prostitution , drugs, paedophelia or foot fetishes. Remember that scene in fight club where tyler durgen says 'putting feathers up ure ass doesn't make u a chicken', thats exactly what it is. If you want to be more specific simply replace the main words with beard,face and cleric.

3. The ppl who were responsible for the innovations and improvements in islamic civlization were caled the Mu'utazilas. Now they were brainy ppl who believed in using ure mind alot (i know heresy) and letting ure belief just be one of the tools u use in ure life. Anyway then Ibn Taymiyah released a fatwa that said 'alwilayatu lil walee' (basically loyalty to the leader) and innovation became a sin. All mutazils were killed and we're still on this pattern till our present day

4. The Uma Islamiya (islamic state) we keep referring to started with the murder of the Prophert Muhammed's own family.And alot of them in Mecca. Also 3 out of 4 of the elected caliphates were murdered by muslims.
The Ummayid caliphate came along and the transfer of power from father to son to son to son pattern and dinasaur leaders who live forever came along with accompanying 'shriek for ure leader if ure a muslim' campaign.
The prophet's own grandchildren and subsequent family were murdered by so called islamic dynasties (leading to the establishment of the shias) Andd there are many stories about Caliphates saying things like "there was no prophecy and no muhammed" or "i won't give up my throne up even if the prophet himself asked me to"

5. The Quran itself says the A'arab are more heretic and hypocritical.. this was translated to either bedouiin arabs or pagan arabs or pre-islamic arabs.

These are just 5 points and I don't claim to know much about islam, imagine wat would happen if more ppl who know about islam started standing up against them. Then there would be a chance of putting an end to these group of people who are acting like God's sole contractors on earth.

Final Note

I was hoping to include a link from kurdish tv showing scenes from the funeral of the 3 men. It was very moving and much more meaningful than those unnecessary links to terrorist snuff films. The only kurdish channel that showed it was kurdistan tv.. unfortunately when they finally updated their news downlaods from their site, it only included a speech from Barzani to the families of the victims. Have no idea how we'll ever get our voice heard with the sorry state of out party-owned tv stations. As for the other channels.. euronews and hurra mentioned it as a news article, cnn just had it in scrolling text and bbc didn't think it was worth mentioning anywhere and instead dedicated even more time to the killing of 2 members from their poster-child organisation 'the association of muslim juveniles'... surprised it hasn't become genocide or massacre yet
Guess there's nothing to do about but hope they rest in peace.

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