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Monday, September 27, 2004 

Kurd wins top prize at San Sebastian

Well it's is not the world's largest film festival, but it is the biggest in spain.
Bahman Ghobadi's Turtles Can Fly won the "Golden shell" (every film festival has to have some weird artifact as the name of the main award) award for best film. His other famous movies include "Marooned in Iraq" and "A time for Drunken Horses". You can check his site and Evini Films (owned by another kurdish director ,Jano Rosebiani) under the media section in the sidebar. Also the sidebar is regularly updated for more links if anyone's interested.
I have only seen parts of all his movies, so I can't exactly comment on them but one thing you should watch out for are the kids, most are so natural that you can't say it's acting.

Ok saying that I almost feel guilty for going in the deepend now, but its only slight guilt cos i do have a large mouth and type-worthy fingers.

Look how its reported here under the entertainment section in BBC

Why am i annoyed? Well mainly because ever since the fall of the dictatorship regime last year , every thing that has gone wrong in iraq, iran, syria or turkey has been linked one way or another by the BBC as the kurds fault, and in most cases almost a jazeera like no need for proof method. A bomb can't explode in tukey, iran or syria without the reporter saying something like "but kurdish groups who oppose these regimes have reason to do so". The only reason they've quit with iraq is because these insurgents have been leaving video diaries, however anything that does happen in mosul or kirkuk or within a 50 mile radius of iraqi kurdistan is the kurd's fault as well.

And now a movie that's written and created by a Kurd from Iran, taking place in kurdistan of Iraq and whose dialogue is kurdish is labelled here as an Iraqi tale. I'm not anti-iraqi but if the BBC think that kurds are responsible for everything that happens in these 4 countries why can't it be consistent.

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