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Saturday, September 25, 2004 

Allawi's speach!

Being very busy with guests and feeling that the ladies (Piling, Dilnareen and Delal) could write better columns than mines makes me hesitate but as Rosemary from iraqthefuture was very kind to send a link to the PM's speech, I will say my honest opinions as she insisted!

Well I dont know about you guys but recently I have started to apply this pattern when I listen to any speech: "bear in mind what I know about the topic, how well I know about it, waht I expect and what I look for specifically and some more!"
So as a person who at least have lived more pain than PM who kept telling ppl that he was exiled and have suffered alot, by a quick search I got this:
"In 1971 he moved to London in order to continue his medical education. Some have reported this as an exile, but some of Allawi's old counterparts have claimed that he continued to serve the Baath Party, and the Iraqi secret police, searching out enemies of the regime. However, he fell out of favor from the Baath party for undisclosed reasons in 1975 (http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?040628fa_fact)." link
I leave that for u!
I was looking for these words from the PM (I will never call him my PM unless he calls me an Iraqi Kurd, and not mention me only when he wants to show how tyrant saddam was, and not call Kurds; my Kurdish brothers! coz in UK if u get decieved by word BROTHER u might not recover!)so these words: federalism, unified, equality, minority rights, the Kurdistan Regional Goverment, a goverment to serve the nation! no more war, keep away from terrorism and other war related words, change everything!
But I heard alot of: we stand by you, you stood by us! you fought for freedom of Iraq! never the above words!
I would also make the first part of my speach as: we are succeeding in Iraq BUT just when I really mean it!
If I were him(I know i would never be!), I would have made my first part of my speech: "Thanks America!" coz that is why he is standing there, otherwise he would not be standing there! After the election, I believe he will be thanking someoen else!!he said he is realistic, if he is so how can he say "on behalf of Iraqi ppl" while the Iraqi ppl; i mean the Sadr guys and the mojority of Shia in south listen to Sistani! not Mr.PM!
I must say I am not a politician nor a very good Kurdish mind representer but I am saying all this from MY point of view of course!
I DO NOT LIKE PRAISING, whatever is excellent is excellent already, lets talk about what is not OK, what is going badly, what we have to do! yes we need to thank and be grateful but that must not start and end his speech! everything is not as excellent as his life and his suit and his smile as though NOTHING is wrong in wrongly mapped Iraq!
I opened my eyes to this world by the chemical bomb by a prime minister whom Mr Allawi supported for a while, and I will never trust another Iraqi pm unless he can prove himself to be the Prime Minister of the people of Iraq not an arab leader democratised slightly by american marines!
finally, dont u think he was quoting too much, just like me?
updated 2 times, if still mis-spellings please pardon me!

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