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Saturday, January 29, 2005 

my photos from Manchester

the most interesting thing was, the guy who speaks was one of the 18 people who had walked from Leicester to Manchester (31 hours),

five halabjaeean (guys from Halabja) were the first five to vote in marking the 5000 died in Halabja.
another 3 and 2 others had walked to Manchester as well, the 23 people had met and went together to vote! ...... i can only say WELL DONE FOLKS
the other very exciting thing which happened whil i was in the queue, this Arab guy came with the new Iraqi flag(i mean the bathist one) so what you expect is the Kurds jump on him with tens of Kurdistan flga, so he UNLIKE kurds took the Kurdistan flag and riased it and kissed it, now what you expect? the Kurds came all to him and raised him in the air, aplause and cheers! it was a mad atmosphere!
i will leave you with these pictures:

he was standing there for hours, taken by my Best friend as a contribution to KBU

The Arabg guy saving his life by kissing the Kurdistan flag!

it matches, isnt it?

The flag was floating over the crowd then it came to their hands so they had good chance to express their love to the biggest flag there!

the place was too small for us!

very british! when i saw this i said "we might need to come back tomorrow, we will not make it in today"

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