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Sunday, October 16, 2005 

Talabani's vote might not be counted!

well, I have not being following the referendum on the UNKNOWN constitution, but I have this very funny bit of news which I wanted to share, but I just thought I should write something as it is not very nice for KBU to be so quiet while the whole world's eye is on the Kurdish participation in the Referendum!
well quoting zaman.com.tr , the Islamic Racist Turkish newspaper's online version in this article says:

"Talabani's vote might be cancelled The previous day, President Talabani's voting at the referendum five minutes before the official opening time of the voting day became the reason for discussions. While some politicians in Iraq complained about this and asked the Election High Committe to discard this vote, EHC will explain its decision today"

I am not sure how you rate the Turk's view but I think he is right! I just don't see any point of rushing to get people to sign for a constitution which was being amended while people where about to vote YES or NO for it! I didnt have a chance to check the list which was submitted by the Sunnis, but I read a short article on the http://www.kurdistannet.org/ which was saying that, they have now omitted the "federal" word in defining Iraq (not sure how accurate that is) but it was saying that, Barzani had left the conference room for either of two reasons: "not being welcomed officially at the start of the conference or was not happy with the procedings!" well again I am not sure how accurate this was either!
I believe you have been reading from very good sources about the results and other comments, it will be a yes (no surprise) despite the huge NO in Saddam's birthplace area (which isnt again a surprise really)but I can tell you people's view, those whom we talk to, they have gone to vote yes for different reasons, but I must say, it is not the case as some would think "right dont worry about the Kurds, they all say YES!"
There are people who disagree and I am very happy to hear different views, otherwise I would strongly doubt the so called "democracy".
What worries me though, I think the parties agreed that the next elected goverment can amend the constitution in addtion to what the Sunni parties suggested to be added to the constitution (tell me if I am wrong!), so I don't know how people go out and vote for a constitution which is NOT finalised yet!!!

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