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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Rews,a malbatê

Among the funny answers that I met in the applications of grants, the best off is the answers to the question : "rews,a malbatê (aîlewî)" , translated from the French "famililal situation".

Just for knowing if the cadidate is bachelor of married.

Well, it does not seem very clear for much students, for with the usual "nezewicî, bekar, zigortî, ezeb" all synonyms to indicate that they are single, I could read enigmatic answers :

Pak = clean. Either marriage is considered as a shady activity, and in that case "pak" means "unternished" like their reputation, or malbat being is literally "house", I imagine the candidate looking around him and chekcking if the housekeeping is OK, at the contray he would have asked his mum to do it before writing his application...

Cotker, karker : two variations of bekar ? nope ! Cotkar means "peasants, farmer" and "karker" worker. Some seem to have understood that we would like to know their social status and their relatives' job.

Qels = weak. Probably an information about the economical situation of the family or a man that his wife has tired a lot.

Navcîn : Did want he write navçîn ? at the middle ? perhaps a son between an elder and a younger, or a "moderate" opinion pro or anti-marriage.

And last but not least :

"Rews,a malbatê = "Alevi Kurd".

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