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Friday, August 05, 2005 

Declare independence

Its over, there is no real hope.
The truth is that Iraq consists of three major groups
A) Shi'ites whose majority thanks to sanctions and Saddam Hussein have no real education and hence are followers rather than thinkers and are brainwashed enough to vote for people who take away their rights rather than grant it to them. Its sad that its the Kurdish leaders and the women groups fighting for ALL IRAQ'S WOMEN
B) Sunni Arabs that good or bad still would rather a Sunni Arab rule than a Kurd or Shi'ite. They shiver at the mention of Kurdistan, Kirkuk, Kurdish, Iraqi flag change, etc..... no matter if they were with Saddam or not, its not for us to be equals to them since we are not from great Arab Umma
C) Kurds... no need to insert details here

Its time for Kurdish leaders to suspend appearing in the Iraqi parliament. Let them draft their own constituion. They can call it the Islamic Republic of Iraq/Iran. They can tell women that they are only alloed to show their mouth, nose and eyes. They can ask the Western troops to leave. All Kurdish families should leave Islamic Iraq/Iran and come home.

The other idea is to split the country in two.

Federal Iraq: Liberal ppl welcome, human beings with intelligence too

The other Iraq: Fundamentalists, racists, killers, can all get together and enjoy life. There is more oil in the south than Kirkuk and with LNG being the next most important energy source they can do well to try and go find and explore that rather than just hold rally's and protests.
Also for oil devolpment, the other iraq should not be allowed western companies cause its haram.

I hope that we boycott the constituion, the assembly and that we realise that nobody will defend us and espically not in public cause the masses will never re-elect non kurdish politicans who gave Kurds their rights because its at the expesnse of Saddam's Arabization.

Now its obvious why i haven't written for a while :)
enjoy ur day and take care

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