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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 

Iran's taste is a Kurdish Leader assasin!

The other day he appeared in black trousers, white shirt and white!! coat which looked more like my fellow Kurds in some European countries who hardly understand clothing!

Ahmadinajad, the new Iranian president is now under even more pressure not only for his bad clothing and his hardline conservativeness but in a weeks time it will be the 16th anniversary of the assasination of Qasimlo, our leader who was murdered by a plot from the then Iranian rulers.
Austrian Prosecuters now say there are "credible" evidence which links AhmadiQatil(Killer) to the assasination of Dr.Qasimlo.
This man is very well known by Kurds, as he has been previously involved in other activities against our eastern Kurdistan people. This gives me yet another sign of ignorance or intentional hostility of Persians against Kurds and consequently against their freedom-seeking fellow citizens as well.
Lets say that Austrian prosecutors found this terribly looking murderer as one of those involved in the act, will they take the matter seriously and do someting about it? I really doubt that, I dont think Austria will do somethign like that just for the sake of Kurds, after all, we dont have a country and our oil and water is been sold by the occupiers and we have no real representatives, both KDP and PUK are praying to everything might help to keep them safe amongst the IRAq's international chess game!
well, reading the headline itself gave me a little hope that even after almost two decades and given the suspect now president of a country where Kurds are persecuted means we do exist and are doing some progress!

update: more here just saw it!

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