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Sunday, June 19, 2005 

Iranian Kurds send signal to Americans

Today the outcome of the Iran's election was announced ,
The election which Condoleezza Rice and Bush , called it undemocratic , the election that Iranian writers in prison and Iranian oppositions had boycotted it .

The Iranians Supreme Leader Ayatollah khameney , had asked people to attend in the election , in order to kick USA’s in the mouth .

Although majority of the people had boycotted the election but the truth is , Iranian Mullahs like (Iraqi Mullah -Sistani- have some fans among uneducated religious people and they DID attend in the election .

The other group that attended in the election was reformists, they said none of the candid are ideal but they choose between bad and worse their candid was Dr.Moen .

CNN and BBC reported high attendance of people in the election in Tehran , the Iranian Government Medias, are celebrating and show it as a “Victory” against USA .
the Iran FM said “let do a Duel with USA , and see who is more popular in the region …”
Western Medias forgot to cover Iranian Kurdistan. (AS ALWAYS) The majority of the Iranian Kurds boycotted the election and didn’t kick USA in the mouth.

Whatever…. The Iranian election is continued another round, because in first round no candid could get 50% of the votes.
“Rafsanjani” and “Ahmadi Nejad“will be in the next round of the election.

Rafsanjani the rich mullah, 72 years old , already was president of Iran for 8 years, Kurds have bad memories of him , in his time thousands of the Kurds were hanged and he killed the head of Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran , in a restaurant in Austira , while it was supposed to sign an agreement in that Restaurant .

Ahmadi Nejad , who is Tehran’s mayor , is an un-educated extremist shia .whose job is Madahi (Madahi means mourning and beating yourself for Shia Imams)
he is the favorite Madah of the Supreme leader of Iran .

According to Dr NooriZadeh,
the VOA New’s expertise (in Persian Section), Ahmadi Nejad has killed hundreds of the Iranian Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan , by his own hand .
And according to him ,he honors for his shoting and killing political prisoners .

Yeah poor Iranians “have to” choose between Rafsanjani and Ahmadi Nejad.
for Iranians it is choosing between Bad and Worse but for Iranian “Kurds” it is choosing between the Monster and the so horrible Monster .

whatever as Iran FM said a duel has started between Iran and USA in the region .
Iran counts on un-educated extremist shias in the region , and USA counts on freedom loving people in the region .

Today the Shia leader in Iraq sent a signal to USA, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim , admired the Iran’s election and he says they must change Iraqi election to Iranian style ! (yeah ! these shias cant bear democracy -soon like iran the Great (?) Ayatollah Sistani will filter the candids so peopel can choose among them )

unlike other parts of Iran ,In this election , Iranian Kurds compeletly boycotted the ellection and had the lowest participating all over Iran, It is a signal for America!

America should receive these signals that are being sent from Middle East!
If America really wants to be winner in the region and finish “the Broader Middle East project”, she needs the Kurds , Kurds are considerable of Iran and Syria’s population

But is America answering to Kurdish Signals?
Syrian Kurd had “large” protests over killing their Pro-West Moderate Clerk, but no American Medias covered it as they covered Lebanon Protests .
Kurds are not happy that their their forces are called Terrorist “Unfairly” and fighting against them , capturing them in USA and deporting them.
Kurds are not happy that their land is being called Northern Iraq – South East Turkey , …instead of Kurdistan .
Kurds are not happy with America’s supporting their dear "model of Democracy" (Turkey ) against Kurds .

It seems that America is not answering to Kurdish Signals from Iran and Syria .
they are busy answering to Turks , well it is American's choice to be Turks ally than Kurds!

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