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Saturday, June 18, 2005 

Worlds Medias Against Kurds

during the kurdish history , we hardly seen media's support for ourself,
in the hard days of genocide , they left us alone and sent their cameras to Palestine and to Turkish Discos , we kurds have the right to spit in the face of every western media and newspaper , they sold their conscience to Arabic Dinar and Turkish Lyra .
they always showed the worst possible picture from kurdistan and ignored our beauties and silenced our voice .
it just 1-2 years that Kurd word is being fimilliar with Western's Ear, -because of Iraq War-
whatever ...

let talk about Washington Post , this newspaper , recently has started atacks on Kurds , one day before Kurdistan Parrilamnet start , (that was gonna be a crisis for kurdistan because of the delay in its start) , Washington Post published a news that "Massud Barazani" was wounded and he is near his death !
nobody knows why while kurds had internal problems over their pariliamnet, Washington Post published that Lie news . we dont know why , but we know , it was in the favor of Kurds' enemy ,if the Kurdistan pariliamnet wouldnt start because of that news.

Kurdistan pariliamnet held its first meeting and some days later they chose Barzani as the President of Kurdistan Regional Government that caused Kurd's happiness all over the Kurdistan - Turkish , Iranian , Syrian Kurdistan .
Again Washington Post , after kurds sucess in parliament , published an allegation against Kurd , that was immidealy spready all over the world . in which they accused Kurds for abducting some Turkmen and Arabs to "Norhthern Iraq" -They meant Kurdistan -.

VOA news in Kurdish ,Turkish , Persian and English , published this allegation , just 6 hours after Washington post , (they didn't wait to see if it is true or not) they published the news as Kurds are Monsters and they are eating everybody in Iraq.

I asked myself even if it is true , Is prisoning some peopel in this Urgent Conditions of Iraq and specially Kirkuk , that everybody can be accused of being terrorirst , that much important? , is it a genocide against Arabs and Turkmens in Kirkuk?
I remember a Northern Kurd , Ibrahim Parlak was captured by US and was prisoned for monthes and after months they found out he is not terrorist ! -this is because of the urgents that 11 sep caused -
why Washington post didnt care when Arabs killed 182000 kurds in the Kirkuk City ? but now it is crying for some Arabs and Turkmen that been just "captured" in this urgent condtions ? and is making the worst possible picture of Kurds in the world ?
if they have been captured for no reason by Kurds, we Kurds are reasonbile enough to do justice and punish those polices who did smoething against the law , we dont need to do any illegal action .
but the way that news was published , everybody would say "what a monsters these Kurds are , they are chaning the demography of kirkuk to steal it "
it is so bad ... it is like that a little 2 years old girl fights with a 40 years old man, and nobody cares when the man beats the girl but when the 2 yers old girl Clapperclaw the 40 years old man , everybody shouts at the little girl .

whatever, later , the Iraqi President dimissed the Washington Posts allegation , not only the Iraqi President but also PUK officials and also Turkmen officials stated that those who were captured in Kirkuk were just terrorists and they had hand in terrorist attacks, and even most of those who were captured by are Kurds form Ansar-Islam Group not only Arab and Turkmens
(Asnsar Islam is Kurdish Version of Alqaeda and their members are mainly kurd but they they comiited big crimes against Kurds and Kurdistan for the sake of bin laden , they are most hated in Kurdistan )

Washington Post's allegation came untrue, but we didnt hear World News to publish Turkmen- and Iraqi's officials reply about this untrue allegation , they just did their best to destroy Kurds . while Kurds were celebrating Barazani's being President of Kurdistan. and expected to show the world Kurds everywhere are United .
Kurds in Turkey - Iran and Syria celebrated Barzani's being president but Washington Post tried to Fade the news of our celebration by publishing lie news about Kurds ,

acording to news , Washington Post "Untrue" propagenda against Kurds has raised tension in Kirkuk betwen Kurds Turkmen and Arabs .
if you look carefully ,you can see Turkey's hand in Washingtion Post,
I think Washington Post bettter publish the list of their Donors and Sponsors , to see how many Turks are among them.

unfrotuantely we kurds always been victims of these fucking Medias,
when our best friend in the world (America) calls our biggest enemy (Turkey) the model of democracy for the middle east, we cant expect better than this .

as long as we kurds dont have a Stong Meida for ourslef, to publish Kurdistan News by ourself, we must expect fucking Washington Post and damn VOA news to do propagenda against us .

and we should not expect none of these damn medias to cover these news:
- 6 month prison for speaking Kurdish in the Model of democracy (Turkey)

- Punishment for DEHAP Party for Playing Kurdish Songs In The Model of democracy (Turkey)

- Torture in the model of democracy's prisons .

-Model of Democracy's Army insist on violence in Kurdistan

- ... and many other news that you can never find in Washington Post or VOA..

+ recently a good news site started to cover Northern Kurdistan News, which is one of the most unfocused parts of the world . plese check Dozame

+ The Kurdistani and KBU News are also a good source for Kurdistan News , Please if you want to help Kurds to raise their voice , link to their news .

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