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Tuesday, June 14, 2005 

president or peshmarga?

hi everybody, I know it is been along time; but I dont want to force myself to write so...
well I must admit that despite my rude(!) attemps to wind up some Turkish nationals on my holiday when asking me (ver are u from?) I was: from Kurdistan (in Turkish), then they go (nasil Turkceyi ogrendin ozaman? how did u learn Turkish then?) and I was: I was taught by the intelligence people in Kurdistan... one amazing saying of cursed Ataturk says: "the nation wo doesnt know his past may vanish!"
this is what has been happening to me and I believe to most of Kurds, if you ask any of us very simple questions about our recent or far past, I doubt that many of us would know it and yet we declare to be "we deserve a country and we will be victorious oneday!" but I just wonder how on earth we can be victorious while we still dont very basic stuff about our history!
Thats why I have decided to read some about our recent histoy although I have hated history since I was a young child and I never liked dates and names! I hated geography, too untill I grew up and learned that I belong to nation which needs good knowledge of it as our land has been generously given to neighbours by invaders!
The other thing that we fail to realise is that, any Kurd you talk to somehow blames our leaders whether dead or alive, but no one (including me) takes serious action to CRITICISE, unless we ask our leaders that they have duty to do, NOT that they are so kind to do somethign as if Kurdsitan belongs to some people and they contribute to people like Hamurabi or any other stone era Kings!
I must say, if I were given the choice to vote for a president to Kurdistan and there were only two candidates, I would have most probably voted for Barzani (but not his Party) as well (if not empty ballot!) but would never see him as more sacred than a nromal Peshmarga let alone going out and dancing for anyone as we have to WAIT and SEE what on earth he is going to do for my town Halabja first!
I must also say that a president is almost the opposite of a peshmarga logically and technically, I hope combining both will produce a leader with the courage of a Peshmarga and the wisdom of a president.
This question has been bothering me since I first learned that in parts of the world there were leaders who sold their personal possesions to serve their nations, "why we never had one?"
lets hope Barzani knows very well what happened to the successive Kurdish leaders and the latest and closest to him; his dad and that he will do what the Kurds want and at the end of his four year presidency if he does really prove to be a LEADER then I will go out and dance on the 14ht June 2009 NOT now!

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