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Friday, June 10, 2005 

Baas Congress in Syria

To every one's great surprise, the Baas Congress in Syria has re-elected President Bashar al-Asad as its General Secretary.

At least, this result is as unexpected as Öcalan's reelection as the PKK direction, or if Masud Barzani becomes president of Kurdistan. Unbearable suspense.

The Congress has stated that some law will be made for creating new political parties and private media. An attempt of liberalism ? If we examine changes, no one is really new, much of them having already been tested, even during Hafez al Asad's period. Thus "the adoption of a law for parties and the revision of the electoral law" to organizing legislative and local elections may allow some dissident parties to participate, but it has happened already in 1994. In any case, Baas has secured its own prevalence in Parliament and other political groups (but not all) will be only minor, without much political importance. Like always, Baas preserves its directing position.

As for the parties concerned with this "liberalization", the restrictions concerning the movements having "ethnic, religious or regional aspects", naturally aim at drawing aside Kurds and Islamist : A receding compared to 1994, but it is explained by the more visible activity of Kurdish parties and their new contest, in particular Yekitî actions, since the beginning of 2000's.

Moreover, even within Syrian opposition, the taboo remains around Kurds' claims as a national minority, and this taboo has prevented, until now, any real alliance between Arab opposition and Kurdish parties. Even the supporters of a progressist and democratic evolution of Syrian society are reluctant to trick "the unity of Arab nation", and they feel they could do it if they recognize cultural rights for non-kurdish groups. And they see Kurdish-American alliance like a direct threat.

Thus, Kurdish parties in Syria should not wait "official recognition", neither from State nor from opposition.

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