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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 

Mes'ud Barzanî wishes to open an Israeli consulate in Hewlêr

Kurds have a more flexible attitude concerning Muslim-Israli relations and could bring a few oxygen to the diplomatic rigidity of the Middle-East. They could even be a useful medium between Arab countries and Israel.

In the newspaper "Al-Hayat", Masud Barzani has stated carefully that a relation between Kurds from Iraq and Israël would not be crime if most of Arab countries have the same one. He added that when an Israeli embassy opens in Bagdad, it will be possible to welcome an Israeli consulate in Hewlêr.

For the moment, Iraq has no diplomatic relations diplomatiques with Israël, but its Kurdish Foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, and the Israeli minister of Infrastructures, Benyamini Ben Eliezer, shook hands each others after a meeting of the World Economical Forum, last May, in Jordania, even if Hoshyar Zebari has later told that this gesture does not mean a political change of Iraqi line toward Israël.

Moreover, Masud Barzani has stressed the "historical brotherhood" between Kurds and Palestinians but recommended them to refuse terrorism.

When the newspaper asks him to comment the recent clash in Syria between the state and Kurds protesting against the murder of Sheikh Xeznewî, Barzani kept the same "prudent political attitude" : "Wherever they live in the world Kurds are Iraqi Kurds' brothers and we support them." But he added that KRG (Kurdish Regional Governement) has friendly relations with Syria, andhe advises it to manage the Kurdish question by dialogue, for the crisis doesn't become more serious."

Source AFP.

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