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Monday, June 06, 2005 

Report of Kurdish demonstrations in Syria

Yesterday, Kurdish demonstrations protested against S,êx Xeznewî's murder. According to local sources, about 10,000 persons gathered in Qamis,lo. Thousands of soldiers and Baath militia Arabs were present too, to face and break up the demonstration. Kurdish parties have appealed to a pacific gathering, but some kurds threw stones against soldiers, while the latter answered with teargas. Among Kurds, there are numerous wounded (30 women). 2 policemen have been injuried and transported to the hospital. A local witness told that a Kurd had deadly shot a policeman and is under arrest.

But dispersal did not prevent the demonstration to go on, especially around the city, where there were more violences between Kurds and Syrian army and Arab militias. The center of Qamis,lo was surrendered and ckehcked by army, which prenent any movement of people.

In Koban, a town in Syrian Kuridstan (Jezireh) the same demonstrations happened, with thousand of people, coming from all the region. Shops were closed into mourning. The slogans were :

- Ennemi is still an ennemy, and S¸êx Mees¸uq is our heart.
- O great martyr, you are the storm on ennemy.
- The martyr Mees¸uq will never die.
- We ask all the truth on S¸êx Mees¸uq el-Xeznewî's murder.
- No to political assassinations.
- We want a democratic solution to the Kurdish Question in Syria
- Où est la vérité ?

At the end of the demonstration, a representative of the Kurdish Party Azadî (Freedom) in Syria, Eledîn Hemmam, and a representative of the Kurdish Party Yekitî (Unity), Mustefa Bekir, made an statement to claim the same revendications.

Pictures of demonstrations could be seen on Amude.com.

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