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Friday, June 03, 2005 

Srebrenica Genocide

This video shown through the BBC about the massacre of bosnian muslims is really creepy.
The most graphic bits are cut of course but that doesn't lessen the impact.
I mean supposedly the 20th century was a centruy of awareness, yet we've had many many many act sof genocide that were never stopped. And are always followed by the manadatory this never occured bullshit. Almost every single race or minority has either been involved or at the receiving end (sometimes even both) or some form of mass murder. So much for awareness. With a century's worth of experience in genocide the world has still never managed to offer any sort of help at the time of a mass murder happening, pathetic right. Take the example of Darfur now.. they're allowed to arrest doctors over just the simple claim of rape occuring there, and then we're meant to be grateful over the fact that they've dropped the charges. My genocide procedure checklist seems creepily close to the truth now

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