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Wednesday, June 01, 2005 

A wave of arrests in Iranian Kurdistan

According to a statement from the Kurdistan Democratic Party- Iran, since 2005 April, Iranian Kurdistan faces a new wave of arbitrary arrests, especially among young people which express political opinions differents from authorities' ideology. Thus, dozens of people have been arrested. The situation of many of them are unkonwn, and their family ignore even the place of their detention.

It is the case for six persons arrested on April 6th in the town of Nodcheh. Here are their names :

- KAMKAR Jiyan.
- KARIMI Wuria
- EBADI Watan
- RASULI Khaled
- ANVARI Kaveh.

some others had been judged in mock trials and heavily condemned. It is the case four persons in Mahabad, here are their names :

- AMINI Reza, sentenced to 20 years of prison ; he will be soonly transefered to the prison of Tabriz.
- HASSAN AZARPOUR Halmat, sentenced to 15 years of prison ; he will be soonly transferred to the prison of Urmiah.
- MOHAMMADI Abdullah (aka Dostali), sentenced to 15 years of prison.
- MOHAMMADZADEH Khaleg, sentenced to 10 years of prison ; soonly transferred to the prison of Maragheh.

Protesting against these mock trials, the four prisonners have begun a hunger strike in the prison of Mahabad where they are presently detained.

KDP-Iran blames these "inhuman and liberticid acts" by the Iranian regime and call the international organisations of Human's rights defence to react quickly, for supporting the freedom of expression of these men, imprisonned because of their opinions. KDP-I considers these facts as another evidence of the unscrupulous violation of fundamental rights and freedom by the Islamic republic of Iran, especially in Kurdistan.

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