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Sunday, June 05, 2005 

Hello Ameriki

Michael Yon, author of "Danger Close," is currently in Iraq ! here is some sentences I stole from his blog

Kurdish people often ask me to say "hello" and "thank you" to Ameriki,the Kurdish villages threats from suicide bombers or random RPG attacks begin to evaporate. The Kurds have no tolerance for the insurgents who are boiling a cauldron of strife elsewhere in Iraq.
The Kurds needed help to shake off the yoke, but now they want to chart their own lives. As one Kurd said to me in perfect English, "I was born free. I live free. I will die free." They have made good these words to Saddam's former henchmen.

Kurdish enthusiasm for self-determination has a kind of contagion for our soldiers. The Kurdish and American characters mix readily, as is made clear by the Tennessee National Guardsmen, who are based in territory where many Kurds live. Yet there is more between the Tennesseans and the Kurds than mere polite respect; the relationship resonates with warmth and genuine regard. In contrast, relations with Arab Iraqis are often better characterized as negotiations, often with the modifier "grinding."

Meetings with Iraqi Arabs sometimes seem more like talking with the French. We are not enemies. But, generally speaking, there is no real personal connection. At best, our collective personalities just don't seem to "click." Yet by recognizing the sovereignty and inevitability of each other, we manage to cooperate toward our common interests, while not going to war when we disagree. But with the Kurds, like the Poles or the Brits, there is an easy and audible click. We have mutual goals, mutual enemies, and, also importantly, we actually like each other....

in another part Michael , talks to an old kurdish man , that tells him sad stroies like killing every male in that village , and also write stroies about beautifull girls in that village that been sold to Arabic Countries as sex slaves by the fromer Iraqi Regime.
He fell somber and disappeared for a moment into memory. Emerging with a slight smile tinted by sadness in his eyes, he said, "The Kurds are so happy to see you. The Americans are like the angels from God." But his expression changed dramatically to one of hidden anger: "The Arabs accuse the Americans of being murderers and criminals," he said with finality

in another place he writes
If an American were to be separated from his patrol in Fallujah, he might be hung from a bridge. But if he's lost in Umar Bill, or Al Salamania, he will probably get tea and more thank-yous than are polite to accept...

The people who view the relationship between Americans and Kurds with suspicion and cynicism have just got the math wrong. But that's a problem for a lot of people around here. The Kurds are a reasonable people when given the chance. Read more

I liked his blog, I really recommend you to visit him , his writings are so cute , in another post he talked to a mischief kurdish girl that insits on saying she is 50 while she is 15 and she likes to study in a medcial university in london and then go to paris and then be American in San Fransico...

if he would used "Kurdistan" word instead of Northern Iraq or Kurdish Zone , it would be much better (Wink)

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