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Friday, June 03, 2005 

Syria working on all fronts

They seem to be pretty happy with knowing nothings going to happen to them in the near future. First a kurdish sheikh goes missing for weeks , then later found tortured to death , all kurdish parites there closed down and have their people arrested ,same goes for opposition parties, syria still is a huge buffer for escaped iraqi baathist criminals, and still keep money and support flowing for terorrist fighting in Iraq and then they go about killing known anti-syrians (syrian sytem not people )in Lebanon
their hands are full. Wonder how Arabiya covered that news since the murdered writer yesterday Samir al-Qasir, is the husband of one of their wellknown journalists Gizelle Khoury

Sheikh Khaznawi's death is a reminder why there are no good clerics leftover after a baathist regime. His fate is exactly what happened to any semi-decent cleric during saddams reign in Iraq. Of course the fact him being kurdish didnt help him either. Just a little reminder to those who believe these new found iraqi clerics are for real.
As we know to these clerics human lives aren't worth much unless they're linked to mosques and other religious paraphanellia
Even then where they when 5000 villages in kurdistan (along with their many mosques) were reduced to rubble during the anafal operation or when tens of thousands of shiaas were brutally murdereed in their shrines and mosques after hte uprising... or why loook that far back what about now when iraqis are contantly being murdererd in mosques

But back to the point syria's case is getting increasingly worrying. And no the solution isnt NUKE THEM or bomb the living hell out of them
Cos as we can see with the case of Iraq so far its the same people who suffered under the baath regime that are suffering the consequences now while the criminals were allowed to leave unrepented with their money and everything intact, and still control the masses using fear

But at least some outcry from this pathetic international community would help, I mean how could a demonstration this size in syria(regarding the dissapearance of Skikh Khaznawi) (hat-tip: roller reb) go unnoticed by the world media. Oh wait i forgot they're still busy with fake QUran story or Abu "drilling a whole in my mind" Ghuraib story
How much more of this do we already need to hear of it.. its already been used as an excuse for everything from terorrist acts in iraq to genocide in darfur. We have abu ghraib the articles, abu ghraib the conferences, abu ghraib the statues, abu ghraib the paintings etc... whats left abu ghraib the musical, abu ghraib book tour by lyndi "ive never seen them male genitelia b4" england.

If with all this fuss they could've at least explained what were these iraqis doing there..why were they imprisoned, were they guilty or not.
And if they were innocent at least raise money through a charity for them with this overblown awareness they created
But then I forgot they never do anyhting if they knew ordinary iraqi civilians would benefit from it

Anyway to release anger watch this video (another one of them forwards) from memritv of a jazeera program on a discussion between a syrian opposition leader and some syrian baathist
hehee this is everything u want the good guy is a well-spoken happy jolly man while the baddie is so damn repulsive and loud
Watch how the opposition leader just cracks up listening to the baathist.

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