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Saturday, June 11, 2005 

Shocking news for Kurdistan :

Shocking news for Kurdistan :
The U.S. military in Iraq has released a list of 150 wanted members of the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) to the U.S forces in Iraq in the first solid move against the PKK presence in the Iraqi Kurdistan, reported CNN-Türk on its Web site. Source (KBU NEWS)

Kurdish freedom fighter waiting to be arrested by Americans

you know PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) is the only so called "terroist" group which its goal is establishing a democratic state . (look the US departement of state's report)

PKK is the only so called terrorist group which has the highest number of Women's participating in it . almost 46% of it members are women . (mind that we are talking about a region in the Middle of "Middle East")

PKK is one of the few parties in the middle east that doesnt based on relligion but democracy..

And you know PKK had to use gun , or they would be killed, in a country that they didnt even belive there is something called "Kurd" on this planet , ... in a country that they would be jailed JUST for speaking kurdish ...how could they demand A Democratic state without being have to use gun? and we know PKK has been the only side , that always offered ceasefire, and Turkey the only side that always refused to accept the ceasefire.
everyday EVEN in the year of 2005 , they torture kurds they capture kurds, ,,still kurdistan word is forbiden there....can you belive an iraqi woman in Sweden whose first name was "Kurdistan" wasnt allowed to use Turkish Airline ? (read it here)
can you belive , they attacked to a Korean tourist and beat him just because he asked the direction for Turkish Kurdistan ? -yeah Kurdistan word is forbiden there-
this sad stroies happnes in the year of 2005 ! after many so called reforms to enter to EU .
just imagine how hard life was 30 years ago ...

I can never forget the video that 4 Turk solider killed a kurdish girl , for speaking kurdish ... I can never forget it....please dont forget Turkey is the country that sent the nominee of the Noble Prize to Prison for 15 years ! just because she had said this sencetence in Kurdish Language"I want to make democracy in Turkey and Bortherhood between Kurds and Turks"

whatever , for sure , PKK's being on terrorist list is just bullshits and USA did this bullshit for the sake of Turkey, we kurds looked at this as a bitter Joke .

but now now this bitter joke is gonna be more Reall ,, now USA is gonna take action on PKK members in the "Safest" place of the Iraq for the Americans.

Kurdish peopel welcome every freedom fighter no matter PKK Freedom Fighers or American Freedom Fighrs , they make safe heavon for freedom fighters. and hell for dictators and oppressors .
no matter how strong he be, , Saddam used every possible kind of weapons on Kurdish peopel but did it have any use on them ?

and now USA decided to attack to Kurdish Democracy Fighters of PKK ,I can assure you that if USA do that, Kurdistan will not be a safe place for Americans anymore and USA will loose its only true friend in Iraq for the sake of her dirty allience with Turkey.-a country that statistics show 80% of the peopel hate USA there-

Michael Yon -an American blogger in Iraq- says

If an American were to be separated from his patrol in Fallujah, he might be hung from a bridge. But if he's lost in Umar Bill, or Al Salamania, he will probably get tea and more thank-yous than are polite to accept. Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Holmes told me that several Kurds have said to him things like, "You have come here to save us. I would rather one of my own sons die than for one of your soldiers to die in Iraq." Having spent time with the Kurds myself, I understood when LTC Holmes told me he believed them.

It's the difference between inviting someone to a picnic to share a meal,
I remembers Hiner Saleem , the kurd movie director of the Pro-American Movie "Killometer Zero" said "my movie is not Pro-American , if France had librated Iraq , it would be Pro-France ..."
Americans should know we dont love them for their Eyebrow or their Blonde Hair, our love to Americans is for their fighting with dictatorship in Iraq .
if French / Americans/ Germans.....(Etc) want to fight with our Peshmerga Freedom Fighters ,
we will hate them too ,and we make Kurdistan a hell for them.

if America wants to take action on PKK for the sake of one of the most Racist - Undemocratic governments in the world (Turkey), I cant tell you this safe heavon in Kurdistan (for both Americans and PKK freedom fighters) , will turn to a hell .

America will destroy his safe house in Kurdistan by his own hand . and that will make USA to loose the Iraq War , and US will leave Iraq for Iran ,Syria Turkey and others...

this news was so shocking in Kurdistan , at frist nobody beliveed it , we were waiting for US to deny it ...but it is truth.
I guess a new page has been opened in Kurdish hearts for USA after this shocking news.

UPDATE : Laskaris the Greek Blogger says
Condi is the diplomat. But has she asked the generals? I'll place my bets with those who see things "on the ground" -- and "on the ground" the only relatively peaceful area in Iraq right now is Kurdistan. The Kurds have both the armed force and the willingness to defend against the Iraqi Arab insurgents and this willingness alone places them... guess where... firmly on the side of Coalition forces. I would be very surprised to find a single American soldier willing to launch "police operations" against the only true and capable allies America has "on the ground" in Iraq so that the Turk is satisfie

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