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Thursday, June 16, 2005 

Electoral evening

Yesterday, there was a ceremony at the Kurdish Institute of Paris for celebrating the election of Masud Barzani to the presidency of Kurdistan. Moreover, it was not so much Barzani for himself which was celebrated, but the fact that having a Kurdish president of a Kurdish state for the second time in history, and with better chance than Qazi Mohammad in 1946 to last. As Kendal Nezan, the chairman of the Institute has stressed, now we have a state, autonomous or federal, no matter, whatever we don't care, but a STATE, which exists, and will have a political, legal, international status. A flag, a parliament, a president, a language which is, unusually, official, which is recognized as the first language of a country, and anymore clandestine, or only tolerated. This state which is all the Kurds' one, from Iran, Syria, Turkey, the only place in Kurdistan where being Kurd is not a mistake.

After that, Kendal whishes freedom for all the Kurds, in Iran, Syria, and that the Kurdish Federal State gives some ideas to Turks to resolve their Kurdish question. (well, for the moment, it gives them only black mood).

Then the Iraqi ambassador in UNESCO, an Arab with charming manners, made a short friendly speech, praising Kurds and Barzani. Then it was the turn of Saywan Barzani, who, as the ambassador of Kurdistan had to speak, but, for that reason, could not praise openly his uncle like both former speakers. So he made optimistic predictions concerning the future of Kurdistan, of Iraq too, and the evolution of the situation the latter, " a bit difficult now". Funny to see as fortune changes : nowadays, Kurds comfort Arabs, by saying "don't despair, one day you'll achieve your democracy."

But exceptionnally, we did not listen to speeches only with one ear, by waiting only for champagne (that we have drunk at last). All of us were, I think, raised by an emotion. We have won. We have a state. A flag. A team soccer, brainless supporters with three-coloured tee-shirts, taxes to pay, policemen, tickets, politicians of which we could speak ill, schools, universisties, angry student's demonstrations, "Kurdistan Airline" planes, in which I will be so afraid as in others, trains which will be in late or not, a country with the word KURDISTAN written everywhere we like. And no matter if our good neighbours have nightmares.

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