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Monday, June 20, 2005 

Yet another cowardly attack in Hawler

When will anyone stand up to these criminals, and this is kurdistan the "safe area" in the same day a suicide attack in hawler kills 15 ppl (and rising) and injuring over a hundred others early morning in hawler/irbil and another suicide attack in Halabja kills a security officer and his 3 bodyguards. How did a jihadist reach halabja anyway?? I thought that city was meant to be especially protected more from this type of scum.
There's also rumors that another car bomb was meant to set off in hawler but was defused in time

I mean since these jihadists are so obsessed with blowing up why not just hire some secluded area for them and dump them there, let them combust as they please... we don't care how cheap they value life just keep us out of it, and at least this way be can be saved of the selective outrage the outside world has on human rights "abuses" which surprisingly only work well with criminals

I hardly saw any coverage of it today I mean a mention of hawler but nothing about the Halabja incident.. maybe too much is happening in Kurdistan and Iraq to mention in a half hour slot.. but surely they could have squeezed something in the 20 minutes of it they kept for Tom cruise getting squirted. I'm not one to be picky but do we really need to see him get spalshed from different angles and in various shutterspeeds and then be forced to watch guest panelists .. sorry experts in their "field?" analyse his behaviour and reflect on his past...
just a though

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