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Saturday, July 02, 2005 

Speak Turkish !

Sometimes just a picture says more than thousands words... for to impose as working language the "language of our ennemy", to adopt the "military and political methods of our enemy", to impregnate people with the "way of thinking of our enemy" and at the end, becoming completely like the enemy... Had peshmergas in Iraq or Iran imposed Arab or Persian as "working language" ? Did it work to make a war against assimilation ? Instead of giving hundreds and hundreds hours of insipid marxism courses, did it not worthy to learn Kurdish to youths ? Does it worth to claim "Kurdish culture and democracy ! Kurdish culture and democracy !", if you have not the slightest idea on what is democracy (and not a real intention to set it), and if, moreover, you have contributed, as much as Turks, to destroy (or at least seriously dammage) the Kurdish culture kurde between Dersim and Hakkari, Van and Cizre ?

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