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Saturday, July 09, 2005 

Commemoration of S,êx Mees,ûq's assassination

Today, this afternoon, there will have a commemoration for the 40th day of S,êx Xeznewî's moarning, in the Kurdish Institute of Paris, with some relatives. I just translate here a short biography for people understand better why this man is dead.

S,êx Mihemed Mees,ûq Xeznewî borned in 1958 at Tell Maaruf, and is dead in Damascus on May 27th 2005. He was the son of S,êx Azzedîn Xeznewî and the grand-son of S,êx Ehmed Xeznewî. He studied firstly at Tell Maaruf and Qamis,lo (Western Kurdistan in Syria) and made later high studies of theologia in different universities of the Middle-East. In 1990 , he came back in Syria and took the charge of imam in the mosque of Edleb near to Aleppo. In 1992, he came back in Jezireh and became the imam of Qamis,lo, until his murder.

S,êx Mihemmed Mees,ûq el-Xeznewî ruled the Center of research of Islamic studies in Qamis,lo and was the vice-director of this Center in Damascus. He was too a member of the Fundation Jerusalem in Beyruth and a member of the Committee for Dialogue between Christians and Muslims in Damascus. For that reason, he had been recently invited by the Foreign ministry of Norway to a Congress about Islam.

During all his exercise, the cheikh has constantly defended his own vision of islam, insisting on tolerance and progress. He condemned absolutely terrorist actions made under the banner of his own religion. Moreover, he expressed always his support to the Kurdish cause and denounced the conditions of Kurds without passport in Syria. He worked to strenghen relations between all the Kurdish parties in Syria, stressing the necessity of union in the aim to have a greater influence on the Syrian government.

During the Serhildan of Newruz in March 2004, he worried to avoid massacres and organised meetings between some reprensatives of Kurdish parties and government. He invited too many Western diplomatic representatives to go to Qamis,lo for heighten their awareness of Kurds' situation. One year later, he came to victim's graves and made many speeches during celebrations.

But this man, fond of dialogue and progress, who defended the Kurdish cause, became more and more dangerous for the hard-wing of Baathist regime, which organized his kidnapping on May 10th. On May 27th, he died of torture in the Military Hospital of Damascus, according to an anonymous statement of a physician working in this hospital . But his corpse was found only in June 1st, in the city of Deir ez Zor.

The Sheikh used to say : « If their islam refuses to welcome Kurds in Paradise, then I would not go in Paradise and stay with the Kurdish people. »

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