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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 

The Fake of the month

So-called Kurdish "press agencies" should have better to control their sources of informations, or, in any case, to falsify them less obviously...

For illustrating the news "5000 Children live on the street in Adana", so-called "journalists" have not only stolen a picture belonged to a professionnal photographer, by using it without any authorization, but also transformed an Arab little girl of Harran (who did not ask a so such publicity), as a young Kurdish pathetic beggar in the streets of Adana.

Then, I can comfort people concerning the condition of the young girl that we had seen in Harran, in 2002 June. She was undoubtedly a bit filthy, but lived very well with her own family, in a village which welcomes hundreds of touristic cars visiting Abraham's place all the year

(Arab girl from the touristic village of Harran transformed as a Kurdish refugee in Adana by professionalism of DIHA...)

So what's the moral of the story ? Don't trust any picture blindly. A picture could lie as so much as words...

Hilarious. "Good catch", as we say here. I hope this sort of BS becomes well known.

OMG! At least they lie with pictures. Depending on who is in office, we are always told about the homeless people! They use children to pull the heartstrings.

If you look past the whole thing, isn't it the responsibility of the parents? People from the society may contribute to aid, but when we are forced to help instead of doing out of the goodness of our heart, we resent it.

Thanks for pointing that out. Good catch. Have a great day.

Wow you're really on the ball!
Great work, keep it up...
Oh I loved that conversation between you and IG guy...
Stuff like that makes things a wee bit clearer in this messy situation.
Thanks for all you're doing.


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