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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 

Kurdish Nessie

Ok, Kurds have not yet Harry Potter in Kurdish but they have their own Nessie... According to the press agency Anatolia, a rower called Mugdat Avci has met a creature on the Lake of Van "like an hippopotamus with a long 2 meters neck... This creature put its head on my boat. I was terrified", told Mugdat Avci who worked for 24 years as a rower on this lake. "Since all the time I ship on this lahe I have never seen something like that, and inch'allah I will never see it anymore". the witness said until now that he has had never believed all the legends about a monster in Van Lake.

It is not the first time that people suspect that the famous Nessie in Scotland has a Kurdish cousin. In 1990 a dark think swimming in the lake had been seen by people, but no picture could have been taken ... As in Scotland, Kurdish Nessie seems a bit shy and does not like photographs !

Now this is my specialty. The Strange and the Mysterious. In New England, people over the years have seen many Lake and Sea Monsters. They've even written books about them - Google New England Sea Serpent or Champ of Lake Champlain.

And across the planet there have been thousands of sightings through the Millenia, so it's good that Kurdistan has joined the Cryptozoological (Google Cryptozoology) Club and perhaps the Bigfoot/Wild Man seen in the Pamir Mountains will take a trip over into Northern Iraq.

OMG! I used to live in upstate NY! I never saw a sea monster, and now I can't go swimming there. either! Thanks. lol.

There is more turbulance in Mahabad. Just dropped by to keep you up to date. :(


Here in scotland you can get lots of photos that might just be hiding something, never know whats down there

Could I get your opinion on this topic:
Read the comments (just two) I find this disturbing... Do the Kurds really act this way towards their neighbors?

More people who unite as one, are stronger, why the seperation and lack of love thy neighbor as thyself...

Thanks for any opinion you can give.

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