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Friday, September 02, 2005 

Grants for Kurds

For the second time, I am plunged in all the asking of grants. As usually, many aspects characterized the origin of students, showing the influence of national education on Kurdish minds :

- The files of Kurds from Turkey are often marvellous to read and treat. They are often sent in portfolios, with a very nice and clear presentation, each document classified : file, civilities, diploma, notation, etc. With often a list of all the papers that we could find inside... A pure delight to have everything in a logical order, with no need to make a desperate research for getting the simple and few informations that are absolutely necessary for preparing the case... We could see in that rigorous organisation the mark of the Turkish educationnal system, very disciplined, almost Prussian, in its strict logic...

- Iranian Kurds' files are full of various documents, certificates, notations, diploma, letters, etc.... Very beautiful writings but how Persian is difficult to read ! Moreover, Iranian stamps are very nice. Last year, there were a lot of partridges. This years, butterflies win. The sending is often hidden in various packets, or newspaper, or even box of posters, or the wrapping is quite impossible to open without a big knife, because it is strenghened with several layers of scotchtape... We can constate the great trust that Kurds feel toward Iranian mail office...

- Iraqi Kurds are a big big big problem. Since the liberation, the files of students should be directly sent to the French Consulate in Bagdad. Near than 150 grants are so given to Iraqi students and among them 35 are reserved for Kurds. But but but.... When it has learnt it, the Kurdish commission of universities presented a list of high ranked teachers, quite mature in years... Some of their friends I guess, hopeful to spend 4 years in Paris, with the financial support of France. "Gasp, answered the French responsible, We want YOUNG STUDENTS only !" So another turn, a new meeting, and a list of young students had been presented. BUT instead of giving it directly to the Consulate, they have to send it to the Iraqi government firstly, which will give the 150 files together. In a proud nationalist reaction, the commission refused and wished to send its own list directly to the Consulate, without Iraqi medium... So another missed opportunity for students. I wonder when the problem will be resolved, and it is very difficult to explain by phone, to students from Hewlêr, Silêmanî, Duhok, etc, that normally, we are not allowed to receive their asking. At student's place, I would ask to all the head of Kurdish universities to explain themselves...

- In Syrian Kurdistan, there are strange rumours... As the Kurdish region is small, I suppose that when a tale is forged, it spreads quickly in all the community.... This year, Syrian then are persuaded of a quota by region : that only one Kurd from Syria could be accepted, for example. I wonder WHO has had that brilliant idea, but I had to deny it all that spring and summer... Moreover, we have received some problematic faxes, with unreadable documents or incomplete, and without any number phone to warn people, of course... Fortunately email have a greater success.

- As usually many files are eliminated because not complete : file witghut diplomas, diplomas without files, or missing notations .. Some Kurds from Iran were in conflict too with their universities that refused to give them their diplomas (because they estimate that the offered "bakshish" was not so important). I received too a disguised asking of immigration : a married man (though only bachelors are allowed to ask a grant) with his wife (who has just a high school certificate) and another young man, probably his brother. Just missed their granny's file, in fact.

As usually, no sending should be accepted after July 31th, but I still receive files... At least Iranian Kurds have good reasons for being in late, for in July, communications were forbiden in mahabad, and elsewhere... So I am indulgent with them :)

At the end, near to hundred of askings have been sent, for a very few number of grants... The last year, only five students could have been financially supported. In that case, only "genius" should be accepted !

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