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Friday, August 05, 2005 

Bush: “If Iranians stand for their freedom, America is with them”
Question : Aren't Iranian Kurds, Iranian ?

Insurgent in Iranian Kurdistan is expanding from alley to alley, village to village, town to town.
No Kurdish party had asked people to do protest. They happened suddenly without any former organized plan. [Kurdish parties are banned in Iran and they all live in exile, and they don’t have any considerable contact with people]

First of let see how the insurgents started,
The first flake of insurgents started about one months ago in the center of Kurdish Nationalism , Mahabad. (Where the Independence Kurdistan Republic was declared by President Qazi Mohammad in 1946).

In Mahabad a Civil Kurdish activist named “Shwane Qadri” was shot by police and his injured buddy was pulled around the city by car in order to warn other people not to go in his way. Finally Shwane was killed by Iranian Police in a very brutal torture.

The pictures of his tortured body were published by Kurdish news sites.

Then the people of Mahabad City angrily without any plan went to the streets and asked the government to punish those who did this brutal crime. (Un-regarding how undemocratic Iran law is , at lest it admits that it is just court that can sentence somebody to death not police shot him directly!)

Police brutally oppressed Mahabad’s protest and according to the news some people been killed by police.

Soon the people of the neighboring cities to the Mahabad , Shino (Oshnavieh) – Prisanshahr – Bukan – … protested one after another to support people of Mahabad and in each of these cities , 5-6 people been killed and several more been injured and many hundreds been arrested. (the biggest protest was in Shino city where number of the deaths was more than 10)

the protest came to Mahabad (Again), this time the government loosed the city’s control for hours and they sent 9000 new soldiers from Tehran (Capital City)– Hamadan – Zanjan (Iranian Turkish cities) to mountains near Mahabad and they oppressed people and took the control again.

Soon people of cities farther than Mahabad showed their anger in the streets , again the Kurdish Parties didn’t organize or Plan for a protest and all this happened by people themselves.

People of Iranian Kurdistan, were waiting for a statement or something that ask people to show their protest at specific time But nobody knew what to do …

Just 6 hours before the protest in Sine , while I was walking in the Sine street , so “coincidental” I saw a piece of small paper in the city , that had asked people of Sine (Sanandaj) City to show their protest peacefully in “6 Bahman” Street at 7o clock .
Even though just small number of people were informed about the location and time of the protest, Thousands of the people participated in it.
According to KDP-I (Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran) 5 People were killed in Sine (Sanandaj) , as Sine is one of the biggest Kurdish city in Iran, its protest soon was spread to other smaller towns and cities…even to the southern Kurdish cities where Kurdish nationalim is lower than northern parts (Kermanshah- Ilam …)

After Sine the people of Seqqez made a large protest that faced the hardest oppression from police as they (Police ) expected it to happend , acording to the reports they used Heavey Weapons to kill people ! they even used helicopters to shot peopel .
in Seqqez more than 20 been killed , and handreds been injured ! nobody is allowed to enter the hospital , and many of the injured are being treated in the houses and they are in a bad condition .

The insurgents still continues , from village to village town to town …and the World Media's ignoring continues as well. Thousands of the people been arrested in Iranian Kurdistan !
Two Kurdish Weekly been closed, Human Right Activists and Famous people been arrested, among them Dr Roya Toloui , the famous Kurdish feminist .

Kurdish people are being killed brutally by one of the Axes of Evil , a country which it's ellected president is a Reall Terrorist and praticpated in terrorsits attacks directly (incudling kidnapiing Ameican Diplomats and killling Kurdish Leaders on the negoite table )
I remember President Bush had called Iran , one of the axes of Evil and in a historical speech said “If Iranians Stand for their freedom America is with them”

I as an "Iranian" Kurd, want to ask President Bush “Excuse me Mr Bush where are you ? why you are not with us ?”

I ask American Medias “why you don’t cover our news ? why you don’t pay 1% of the attention that you paid for Lebanon to us agains the Iranian Regime which is the sponsor of terorists ! which is making nuclear bomb ! which is Axes of Evil !?”

At the same time with these insurgents the Iranian “Persian” writer in prison , Akbar Ganji , who has started a hunger strike from 57 days ago, wants Iranian regime to free him.

President Bush, White house, EU and Reporters without border and …, sent letter to Iran government and asked them to free Ganji immdeietly, American Medias that are accesable in Iran( like Radio Farda- VOA NEWS are covering News about this persian writer all the time)

Mind that Akbar Ganji , was a top member of Iranian security agents , and had hand in many crimes…he was also one of the students who had kidnapped American Diplomats in US embassy in Iran 27 years ago .

Yes If Iranians stand for their freedom America is with them (butt they shouldn’t be Kurd) Even if they be one of those who had kidnapped American Diplomats . America still is with them…but NO NO NO Iranian Kurds are not Counted!

Not only president but also American medias ignored Iranian Kurds.

The same thing happened for Kurds in Syria , while ago, very large protests in Syrian Kurdistan was held for killing a Kurdish Pro-west Moderate Clerk .
even though many been killed , they didn’t receive any considerable attention by the world .

I remember, Turkey had warned America not to attack Iran or Syra, and Turkey would never let America us its land to attack to Iran or Syra. Because it would result “Independence For Kurdistan”

I wouldn’t wonder if an expert tell me, the reason that America is ignoring Kurdish Protest in Iran is Turkey !

At the same time we hear that America putting pressure on Iraqi Kurds to forget their demanding
…Mr Khalilzad (American ambassador) said while he was in Kirkuk City , nobody is allowed to force Occupier Arabs to leave Kirkuk ! ”
By Mr Khalilzad ,the Article 58 of the Iraqi Law, should not be established ! (we thought in Iraq things should go by law ! )
The former US ambassador Mr John Negroponte had stated that Article 58 must be established.[Kirkuk is a Kurdish city that handreds Thousands of its kurds been forced to leave their homes , and thier homes been given to Arabs , now those Kurds want to return to thier homes ! Turkey has warned if that happen, they will attack to Kurdistan . (you know Kirkuk as oil ! )]

The Great Kurdistan (Iran-Syria-Turkey-Iraq…) had been in a deadly silence for about 10 years…(almost after Ochalan's Capure) but this silence has been broke recently, today we see ALL parts of Kurdistan except (Southern Part) in insurgent and in blood !

It is time for we Kurds to believe, that the Kurdish Problem in Middle east , is not going to be solved in “the Broader Middle East Project” and America is not with Iranian Kurds against Iranian regime and is not with Syrain Kurds against Syrian Regime.

We remember, the former Iranian Shah’s dictatorship, Shahs regime was a Persian Nationalism Based Secular Dictatorship –a Persian Model of Turkish Ataturk Regime and at that time his regime was highly supported by USA against Kurds . (They just want a Turkish model )

As the America is the designer of the broader Middle East project and Turkey is the model for this Broader Middle East. We shouldn’t expect Kurdish problem be solved in braoder middle east .
solving Kurdish problem , would damage US relation with their ally, the Dear Model of Democracy for middle east .

(Recently American Medias started recovering Turkey’s picture in USA, and American newspapers are full of Pro Turkey Articles but you can obviously see lack of Kurd’s presence in their pages. Read an Example Here)

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Dear Medya and Delal,
You both have legitimate points. Being an American, we do have to worry about Iran's nuclear sites. They never did stop working on the centrifuges. They now have around 4000.

On the other hand, I have always wanted a Kurdish State. Why all the attention on the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians since 1992? Do they not have 22 countries they could live in???

The Kurdish people deserve their own land. As long as the situation stands the way it is with Iraq, maybe it will work. I do not know. I do know the Iranian Kurds do not want to leave Iran, however.

My father was full blooded Armenian. You need not tell me ANYTHING about Turkey. They are not even allied with themselves!

I have written many articles which I have put together for you. It is right here. Some of us have been paying attention.

I have also been keeping President Bush informed. I'm glad I do not have to look at my phone bill!

Sorry. The articles are right here. Thanks.

Dear Playa,
I read in the Daily Briefing on Iran that the police were going back into Mahabad and other areas to arrest people that took place in the riots. I haven't been able to write about that yet, because I am playing catch-up. I have so much to read! I am running 4 blogs now. 2 are team member blogs. One is a cyber newspaper. Ayiyiyi! lol.

Dear Playa,
Since you know the area and I don't, I have to take your word for it. I had no idea! Are you sure? I was under the impression these were people who were upset at the murder of one of the activists? I have been watching this story, and no one has mentioned this before. If true, shame on the reports that do not tell the whole truth! It sounds like the New York Times! Thanks for letting me know.

Do you mind if I check with you to check facts before I print them? Thanks.

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