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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 

Updates on other Kurdish Blogs

The bloggers have been fairly quiet here in the land of KBU, and while I can't speak for all, I know that the new school year has thrown me for a loop.
The following is a short list (not comprehensive in any sense) of what some of the other bloggers have been up to:

Vladimir has been working tirelessly on the KBU Forum and on the KBU News page in addition to his participation in many recent demostrations in his native country.

Medya has also been incredibly active on the KBU Forum and News site in addition to getting ready to start university this Fall.

Unfortuately I can't read French and so I am mostly deprived of Piling's wonderful wit, but don't let that deter you from visiting her.

Kurdo is currently on hiatus, but I hope to see him return soon.

Hiwa is about to go on vacation but hopes to start blogging more in earnest.

Dilnareen seems to be missing in action at the moment, but they are also a member of the Iraq Blog Count which gets updated pretty regularly. I like what they do there and I wouldn't mind it if we did the same occasionally....which is really what sparked this particular post.

Sami has been giving some excellent commentary on the current situation in Iraq and the future of Southern Kurdistan.

Xosh 7al has been quiet in posting, but not quiet in any means on the comments. So Xosh, when are you going to start your own blog?

Dear Emmunah has been quiet on her blog, but she is recooping from a recent shoulder surgery....I wish you fast healing Em!

Swara and Naz have also been quiet but I hope that they return soon.

And of course I have been trying to update my own useless drivel.

I know that this post isn't much of an excuse for our lastest silence, but hopefully soon we will pick up again at full speed. In the meantime, I encourage you all to check into the others blogs and heavily utilize the extensive list of other Kurdish blogs that we link to.

Until next time,
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I updated...finally. Shoulder seems to be getting better. It's been a long healing process. This would have gone smoother if I had just stopped typing...but, it's hard to keep quiet.

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