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Friday, September 09, 2005 

Beji Vladimir !

the first day that I talked to Vladimir, I couldnt belive that I am not dreaming.

A dutch boy who knows much about Kurdistan [probably more than many kurds] , a Non Kurd Dutch boy who prefers to work for kurdistan in his News Sites (Azady in Dutch and KBU news in English) than going out and have fun with Babes like other boys in his age in his country.
This Ducth boy who Kurdistan's liberation is his ambition , The boy that has talked to Dutch officials about Kurds , the boy that has done several articles for Dutch institutes .
it would take 2-3 pages if Iwant to just mention what Vladimir has done for Kurdistan .

If you remember I had done an interview with him 5 months ago ...
the last question that I had asked from him was :
Do you have any plan to start a blog in English ?
I don't know if I have time for that, but I don't think it would take a lot of time. Maybe I start one in my vacations if I have some time left. When I start a blog I rather want to do it about the older history of the Kurds then the news of today, because everybody got blogs about that and you can read columns at a lot of Kurdish websites.

now vladimir has started a blog and he is doing very well , when you read his posts you tell yourself "a great Journalist is borning!" [sorry for english mistakes (Wink)]

here I want to thank vladimir for all of his efforts for Kurdistan . and I ask you loyal readers of KBU to visit Vladimir and link to him , because his blog really worth reading .

Actualy Vladimir's blog doenst need advertising , once you read it , you will find out it is a good source for information and analyze about middle east by a Fair Judge . so don't forget ot read "From Holland to Kurdistan"

and also I want to thank Pamela the writer of Atlas Shrugs Blog who has dedicated several posts to Kurds here are some of her posts :

let say Beji Vladimir and Beji Pamela and Beji all freedom lovers everywhere. [Beji means Long Life in Kurdish]

Vladamir has my gratitude and respect. THANK YOU!

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