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Friday, December 16, 2005 

An alternative opinion?

So I found this post today from a blog entitled Agnoiologist. He has an interesting perceptive about an independent Kurdistan and why the US should have pushed for it:
We should've pushed for an independent Kurdistan, and I wonder if it's still not too late. I guess so because of the constitution. Perhaps certain persons in Iraq would not have liked it, but it would've been in the best US interests. I do not believe the insurgents would've attacked Kurdistan. It does not make any sense. Also, the Kurds would've been more willing to allow the establishment of a US base and maybe even to share in the oil revenue. I guess we'll never know for sure, but I think it would've helped stabilize Iraq. It would've been one less faction to worry about when drawing up the Iraqi Constitution and during elections in general. Heck, we might've even been able to set up a government more to our tastes in Kurdistan.

I think that he is correct on the possibility of an independent Kurdistan stabilizing Iraq, but I don't think he is on the mark about the United States setting up a government that is "more to our tastes". Either way, I thought that it was an interesting example of what people who are not well versed in the nuances of Kurdistan and typing about.

*This is an aside, but I just ran the blogger spellcheck and the term "blog" came up as incorrect. Can somebody tell who was the numbnuts who let that slip by.

When this person says:

"Heck, we might've even been able to set up a government more to our tastes in Kurdistan."

It makes me think:

Damn stupid idiot... Come on - what does he think the US is? I am shocked that this person (whoever it is) is saying things which not only discredit the US but also makes fun of other nations!

1) He gives the impression that the US is more interested in "set up a government more to our tastes " than in securing the rights of the people and establishing democracy...

2) Who does he think Kurds are? We aren't BUNNIES who will jump when you say "jump"... We aren't the barbaric suicide bombers in Bagdad or the Wahabis in Saudia - WE ARE FAR FROM THEM (speaking in general now) - thank God!
So why does he say "Heck, we might've even been able to set up a government more to our tastes in Kurdistan."? I mean it is extremely clear that the Kurds are PRO-US and West in general - and that we wish to build on values common to us: democracy, freedom and equality! (Hold your sarcasm - I am talking about what the PEOPLE want/demand)

I find his words to indicate that IF the US doesn't "set up a government more to our tastes in Kurdistan." Kurdistan will be a new Bagdad...

To indicate something like that - shows that this man has NO knowledge, whatsoever on Kurds and Kurdistan... Does he think a Sistani or Saddam will rise from South Kurdistan?

He can think again... (Or just read/watch/see something about Kurds and Kurdistan to effectively erase the myth from his mind...

Dara Sor

He is only stating, that he sees the Kurds from Kurdistan as a more valuable and trustable ally then the Arabs in Iraq.

I don't agree with your words Kako. Every American that supports Kurdistan, must be supported. Every American that supports the Iraqification of Kurdistan should be forgotten.

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