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Saturday, November 19, 2005 

Introducing a Kurdish Blogger Heroine

Avin, has been one of the best Kurdish bloggers which I love to read her posts for over a few months. Avin lives in Hawler and just like any other ordinary Kurd, is upset about the current lack of democracy situation in Kurdistan.
Avin has been working for one of Kurdistan Democratic Party's television stations and she has some inside information about the situation.

The way that she writes is extraordinary.....Her blog is part of the German initiated Niqash.org (Niqash is Arabic for Discussion) which encourages Iraqis to have dialgoues with each other.

In her post, she talks about the corruption in the education system in Kuristan...How talented students are not accepted for post graduation studies while those who know someone in Talabani and Barzani's parties get the best posts no matter how bad their academic results are.

Avin says "Another dictator will fall", she clearly means Talabani and Barzani. She has plans to join the new American University in Hawler which will open next year in order to get rid of the corrupted Kurdistan system (as Kurds say, dictatorship system).

Taking this opportunity, I would like to announce that the Kurdistan Bloggers Union has acheived its goals in the Northern Iraq Project and we no later support this project. This is an official announcement.
The KBU breakaways are Medya, Piling, and I think Delal and have created their new blog which we warmly accept and wish them success.
Delal described the blog as a "rival", I don't know if there is the need of using this term because we at the KBU do not compete with anyone else. We help others and not compete.
Delal goes on to say "the infighting between the two projects is lamentable", I was quite surprised at this sentence. There is no infighting in KBU. We all agree on respect and especially the respect of others opinions and identities. If a Kurd wants to be recognised as an Iraqi that is his or her choice, and vice versa.
We all agree on respect, but what we don't agree on is that members sending emails to others starting with "boil to your a double s" and finishing with "shame on your dignity". We do not accept attacking follow Kurdish bloggers because they call themsleves "Iraqis". This is their right. Anyone wishing to join this path of disrespect and ultra-natoinalism and neofacism are welcomed to leave this blog and anyone wishing to be treated with respect are welcomed to stay.

As far as KBU is concerned, the term of Kurdistan is now an official term in the world. There is no more need to concentrate on Northern Iraq, as Kurds in this part of the world do not have the problem of identity anymore. We do not have problems with Arabs anymore, we have problems with ourselves. Kurds do not have problems with Iraq anymore.

Also all the Iraqi Kurds (or Southern Kurds as most like to say) have left the project, so technically, the Northern Iraq project are run by people who do not represent the name. I think they should concentrate on the problems of Kurds in other part of the world, like Iranian Turkish and Syrian Kurdistans. Because Kurds in these areas have problems with Turkey, Iran and Syria. Or otherwise as Kurds say, "They are running after a hat which is taken up by the wind".

Bashurî kurdistan is still "iraqi-occupied kurdistan." The Kurds are still held within the confines of "iraqi territorial integrity" which was created and enforced by colonial powers.

So there are still very big problems between Kurds and Arabs.

many thanks Kurdo for your nice words. Non of those people are Iraqis, yet they interfer in Iraqi issues.
I am not just another Iraqi as you know from my emails I have a Kurdistan necklace with greater Kurdistan map and I have always been a supporter of Kurdistan.

This website is presenting all Iraqis as enemies, yet if you look at Iraqis, you find people like Al-Jawahiri who died with a Kurdistan hat on his head, you find Dr. Mundhir al-Fadhil, who talks about about Kurdistan than Iraq, you find people like this Iraqi woman who supports 5 Kurdish websites financially.

Many thanks for your decision.

A Message to the Iranians and non-Iraqis:
Isn't better to have a google bomb for Koerdistan, the Iranians not even say that Kurds don't exist, but they have also changed the name of Kurdistan to Koerdistan.

kurdo i love your posts they sound like speeches...i was reading the message and i was shouting (ay gyan) and (bzhi kurd)....
do as your instincts tell you.... i agree that kurdistan is recognised but now the whole world thinks that kurdistan is just in iraq...so these people should think about new ways..because northern-iraq is dead...they should try southeastturkey or northwestiran ...but i dont know why they have stuck to iraq....

anyways im going to sleep good night

i wish i could read in kurdish..from what ur saying seems like a very good blog...i dont understand why ur not backing northeriraq.info anymore i mean if u think the project was succesful and what u aimed for was accomplished that is no reason to suddenly drop it..but anyways thats just my 2 cents :).....why the template change?

How can you call yourself Iraqi and also support a greater Kurdistan?
I don’t get it..

" Bashurî kurdistan is still "iraqi-occupied kurdistan." The Kurds are still held within the confines of "iraqi territorial integrity" which was created and enforced by colonial powers.

So there are still very big problems between Kurds and Arabs."

I agree 100%, viv la resistance, Her Bizhi Vlad

I have always been a supporter of successful projects, but due to some issues which happened with some Kurdish bloggers, I do not wish to continue. Epsecially after Medya sent me an email full of "swearing" and shameful words. I am sure if you also receive such an email you would not want to be part of that...the email was at the same time sent to all the members of KBU..if you want send me an email I will forwad it for you to so that you decide yourself :)

Iraq23 and noori
many thanks for your support. I have received your emails many thanks for your contacts.

I know Iraqi23 and his words are true. He is an Iraqi Arab and a Kurdish activist..There are many Iraqis who support Kurdistan. Writers such as Jasim Al Mutir, Adnan Hussein, and Mundhir al-Fadhil.
The Kurds love Mundhir al-Fadhil so much that he is a member of the Kurdistan List in the Iraqi parliament. Yes he is an Arab but represents Kurds.
There are Kurds who have helped the Iraqi tanks to bulldoze Kurdistan and there are Arabs who have fought alongside with Kurds to free Kurdistan from Saddam Hussein :) So yes there are Arabs who love Kurdistan and don't be surprised :)

To be honest I was completely shocked by this post. I have not chosen to leave KBU and I resent the implication that I have. In fact in the emails sent between the leadership of this blog, I have ALWAYS been supportive of the continued collaborative effort found here.

As to my comments/article on Global Voices, my purpose there is to objectively cover the postings of other Kurdish bloggers...I would like to ask how exactly would you cover the recent events on this blog? I believe that my comments were as objective and truthful as possible, and I do not appreiciate you twisting my words to make it sound as if I am promoting hate or infighting within this group.

It is good to see Arabs helping Kurds, and it is sad to see Kurds hurting each other. Alas, even members of our families sometimes hurt us!

I have supported Kurdistan from the beginning. I know what it is like not to have your own land. I am American Indian and Armenian. How do you think I feel?!

At the present time, I put that behind me. The people in America are not the people who harmed my ancestors. I do not hold them accountable.

Please be kind to each other. I cannot Delal would do or say anything to purposely hurt a soul. I cannot believe that of any of you! You are all so wonderful!

Remember, in times of strife, we must remain strongly together. To quote a little of American History, "Together we stand, Divided we hang." We stayed together, and we are still standing! God bless you all. :)

A couple of comments.

First, I've begun to blog about Kurdistan issues, and particularly issues re: Iraqi Kurdistan, at my new blog, The is-ought problem:
So far, I have four posts up as well as links to various sites.

Secondly, I think there is a very serious issue regarding nomenclature. I'm thinking of putting a post, or a side bar, item on my blog regarding the issue of how terms are defined. I believe this is very confusing for people who aren't familiar with the issues. I'll define Northern Iraq as a geographical term, and not as Southern Kurdistan as a political term because that would be very confusing for the vast majority of my American audience. I use the term Iraqi Kurdistan because that is recgonized political entity. If I have to refer to the entire nation (or inchoate state, as opposed to actual state) of Kurdistan, I believe I'll use "Greater Kurdistan." For non-Iraqi Kurdistan, I'll say non-Iraqi Kurdistan. I think precsision is important.

Thirdly, as someone who is very sympathetic and supportive, I would respectfully suggest that people: (1) are patient; and (2) not confuse means, intermediate goals, and ultimate goals. Work, but be patient, smart, and wise. Secure Iraqi Kurdistan as an autonomous region, and move on from there.

Fourthly, and I mean this to be a positive suggestion, please don't "bite the hand that feeds you." Yes, the U.S. wants to maintain the territorial integrity of Iraq as a buttress to Iran and to prevent Shiite Iraq from joining Iran in a larger, theocratic Shiite state (which I don't think would be good for the Kurds in the long run). However, I don't think it is fair to refer to the U.S. as a "colonial power." The bottom line is that the U.S. established the no-fly zone and eventually, if belatedly, overthrew Sadam. Without the U.S. there would be no autonomous region in Iraqi Kurdistan. We're spending a lot of money, and losing a lot of people, and people are beginning to ask, "for what?" The great advantage the Kurds have right now is that U.S. citizens believe that out of all the groups in Iraq the Kurds actually like us, appreciate what we did, want to be our allies, and want to be our friends. (In contrast, the perception is we liberated the Shiites only to be unappreciated and disrespected.) Don't risk that that good will. In that regard the current ad campaign is very smart.

Start with autonomy. Get autonomy, democracy, civil rights and the rule of law in place in Iraqi Kurdistan. Integrate the two administratons. Only then, from a strong base, move on to push for independence and territorial expansion. (Or independence if there is a Shiite - Sunni civil war.)

I know it is easy for me to say, "be patient," and I'm sorry the U.S. can't support Kurdish independence right now. I just don't want you to risk losing everything, and for you to have a strong base for the future. Build a strong foundation.

thanks Rosemary and chapman very much.
I do feel the sympathy you guys have towards the blog and in braoder terms towards the Kurdish issue.

I will express my views to my firends through email as I disagree with putting all this in front of the readers rather than putting up a post!

I agree with you on the email issue, hence my shock with this particular post.

A comment on my blog, The is-ought problem, in response to the post Kurdistan: The Other Iraq, states:

"Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can provide information on whom bribes must be paid to (and how much) for conducting business in the "Other Iraq"? I wonder if someone could explain how Kurdistan is different from the rest of Iraq, other than the lack of violence, when the region is still basically divided among two less-than-democratic warlords who viciously stifle any dissent? These warlords, like their brethern in ths South, also fight stubbornly to control every aspect of economic life in the region so that normal people who don't want to submit to Party politics are doomed to remain outside of any prosperity brought to the region.

And, before I am attacked by all those patriotic Kurds who will say I am an Arab chauvanist or other such nonsense, please be so kind as to identify which of the Kurdish warlord parties you are representing (if it is not obvious by your last name).

I mean, how did Sami's daughter happen to rise to the top of the KDC? Were there no other qualified applicants for the position in all of the UK?"

I cannot believe it is as bad as that. Anyone knowledgeable care to respond? Or will it be the only post there for everyone to see?

I understand there is some corruption, etc., but such things are relative. The political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan are not now shooting each other, blowing each other up, etc.

One cannot expect perfection immediately. The fact is that Iraqi Kurdistan is much farther along, much more developed, and much more experienced with democracy than the rest of Iraq.

People need to demonstrate that.

Charles, let me get this straight. Are you saying that these people are warlords? You are EXACTLY WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! (If that is what you are saying.)

You're welcome, Delal. :)

Have any of you read this? Is this true? How could this happen?! Would you please do a follow up story? Thank you. Have a great day.

"Charles, let me get this straight. Are you saying that these people are warlords? You are EXACTLY WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! (If that is what you are saying.)"

NO, that is not what I am saying. It is what someone else said on my blog, The is-ought problem, in a comment to my post, Kurdistan: The Other Iraq. I posted the quotation here in the hope that someone knowledgeable here could go to my blog and refute the statement.

Anyone who looks at what I posted on my blog will know that I don't agree with the quoted comment.

Kuro... I thought he was a Kurd. That's why I wondered. Off course that's possible. I personally know one Arabic Peshmerga!

I had a question about the new "American University" in Hawler, Arbil. Is this connected to the first and really only American University in Washington, DC? The one in Washington sets the highest standards of education and has an excellent School of International Service and Conflict Resolution; to which Iraq Kurdistan has a close relationship. Whenever American University in Washington opens a new school (as in Nigeria) usually they promote it through the media. Or is this new university in name only, such as the Mcdonalds in Suli?


Three years ago they said there would be an American University opening up in bekrejo, Suleymani, the magic words used then were "Next Year" now two years after the supposed date of opening, the words still being used is... you guessed it "Next Year", so I wouldn't hold my breath for the one in Hawler (Arbil).


Three years ago they said there would be an American University opening up in bekrejo, Suleymani, the magic words used then were "Next Year" now two years after the supposed date of opening, the words still being used is... you guessed it "Next Year", so I wouldn't hold my breath for the one in Hawler (Arbil).

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Dear Charles,
Thank you for clearing that up for me. That is why I added, "(If that is what you meant.)" I apologize if I offended you. That is not intention. I hope you have a wonderful day!

the kurdish people appreciate what the Americans have done for kurds...i think the americans should also push the kurdish leadership towards true and real democracy and freedom...but it this might take time...

i will not live to see it as i have lived my life (in other words a bit old) but i hope my children and grand children will be able to study in school today's events as part of the history book, in which the role of the americans be appreciated for bringing democracy to the middle east.

Charles Chapman

i like your blog please keep it up and i just added it to my favorite list.

Noori, thank you, I will. I appreciate the positive feedback... and need it. :)

Welatêmîr - I thought Iraqi23 was a Kurd too... LOL

Well... No big deal - In fact congrats to the Arab youth for breaking old barriers - which shouldn't have existed in the first place...

A side track: I still think Iraqi Kurdistan has a long way to go before reaching what we so readily call a "democracy"...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Turkish Kurdistan"?

What exactly is this?

is it like Chinatown of New York??

what kind of problems do these Turkish Kurdistani Kurds face?

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