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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Suicide attack in the Kurdish safe haven, 9 killed

A Kurdish Peshmerga soldier kisses the coffin of a Kurdish person killed during former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's rule at a ceremony in Hewler's airport, South Kurdistan, October 17, 2005.

A car bomb exploded on Tuesday in the Kurdish city of Sulaimani and a hospital official said at least nine people had been killed. Police and witnesses said the blast was caused by a car bomb which exploded near the headquarters of the peshmerga forces.

Sulaimani, in Kurdistan has been one of the most peaceful and tranquil spots in Kurdistan. It’s rarely troubled by the violence that has racked Iraq. It has been the focus of considerable business investment. Earlier this year Arbil (Hewler) in Kurdistan was shocked by a bomb attack on a police recruiting centre. In this attack 45 people have been killed and 150 wounded.

There were three suicide attacks. The first two attacked the convoy of Mala Bakhtiyar, a high official of the PUK. The third blast was directed against the Ministry of Peshmarga in Suleimani reported the Kurdish radio Nawa (Source: TheKurdistani).

The blast in Sulemani came on a day when the final result of Iraq's constitutional referendum are expected to be announced. All the indications are that the constitution, which enshrines Kurdistan's broad autonomy, will be passed. Sunni Arab insurgents fighting the Shi'ite- and Kurdish-led government in Baghdad opposed the charter.

Kurds have also been attacked by Sunni Arab supporters of ousted President Saddam Hussein, who went on trial in Baghdad last week. Among the accusations he faces are genocide against Kurds and the gassing of Kurdish civilians in 1988 at Halabja, 80 km (50 miles) from Sulaimani.

Sulaimani is the base of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), headed by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani. The PUK is one of the biggest Kurdish parties.

Attacks against Kurdish people in North Kurdistan

According to the Kurdish news agency Dozame.org there were also bomb attacks against the Kurdish people of Yuksekova.

”A series of bomb blasts in the city of Yuksekova in northern Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey) have provoked locals who believes that the bombings have been carried out by one or several clandestine groups close to the Turkish army and government.”


I express my sympathy and condolence to the victims and families of these terrible disasters. The Kurdish people have been opppressed, murdered, raped, destroyed and assimilated. I hope one day the Kurdish people of Kurdistan can live in peace and prosperity.

I also want to sent my condoleances to the victims of the recent Baghdad blast. According to the Boston.com 11 people got killed after a dramatic blast.

Recently some Arabs justified the role of Saddam in the genocide against the Kurdish people of Halabja. I also remember that in the past one Turkish person was very happy about the attack against the Kurdish police recruiting centre.

These kinds of persons would probably think in the same way about the recent disgraceful attacks against the Kurdish people. I hope the majority of the Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and people all over the world condemn these attacks and express their sympathy to the Kurdistani and Iraqi people. It's unbelievable that some Arabs and also Turks justify attacks against the Kurdish people.

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