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Monday, October 17, 2005 

This steams me....

I am going to comment on someone else's blog today...

Truth Teller from A Family from Mosul has been posting recently some articles about the validity of Saddam ordering the bombing of Halapja. News stories blaming the Iranian government for the gassing of Kurds is nothing new, but they seem to resurface over and over. Truth Teller has posted two stories in the past few days, here and here, and of course my favorite entitled No Proof Saddam Gassed the Kurds. Rather than paraphrases each post, please read what he wrote (which is mostly articles written by other people) and let me know what you think.

I am of the opinion that visiting the subject of "who exactly gassed Halapja" is a stupid idea, because trying to lay the blame in other places doesn't matter. 5,000+ people died in a matter of days....and if it really wasn't Saddam that ordered it, he sure didn't care that much about it anyway. I have seen no offical statements from Saddam saying that it wasn't his fault (and if you have access to such things I would LOVE to see them!)...he wasn't using the Kurds as political/moral reasonings of why Iran is bad...why? Saddam saw the Kurdish people as a nuisance, as a people who didn't have a right to live anyway, so why should he care? Regardless of who is to blame for the Halapja massacre the Saddam regime did nothing to stop it and therefore for not protecting his people he should be blamed, furthermore if Saddam did order it, he is responsible. In the end nothing changes, Saddam Hussein is still responsible for the deaths in Halapja!

So calming down....why is Truth Teller bringing this all up anyway? He says that
no one can break the ancient bond that tie the Kurds and Arab as brothers in a unified country called Iraq.
If such a bond does exist, you would think that he cared a little more, than posting articles that almost support Saddam.

Either way, I am going to put trust in the new legal system of Iraq...the truth should come out there.

I've encountered that so-called truth-teller in message boards and discussion groups. He most certainly is not a truth-teller. The guy is a racist, ethnocentric, liar. He also employs several dirty tricks, like signing in as multiple screen names on the same discussion group to make it look like people agree with him.

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