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Monday, November 07, 2005 

KBU in Crisis - Return of Kurdo

Dear All,

I have no idea what is going on this blog, but I just wanted to check my email and found out that my inbox is actually full. Most complaints, and some emails from the members on this blog.

I could not read all to be honest due to the shortage of time. So I will try to post this here in order to solve the problems.

1st of all, the website of Northern Iraq was a project last year in order to draw attention so that people get the idea of using the word "Kurdistan". There was no intention for controlling or leading any people.

2nd I suggested to Medya to create the KBU forum in order to solve the bloggers problems there. It was not in order to create "leaders" etc etc. I am really surprised of the claims that Medya has appointed himself as the leader of KBU.

3rd I appreciate Medya's work on the KBU template, but just of his works on the templates, it doesn't mean that he is a leader. Medya is as equal as any of us, (including our precious readers).

4th Due to changing directions, I suggest that the name of KBU be stripped from the forum and the news section. This is because I have been reciving emails (in July, August, etc) from people that they were banned on the forums. Or they did not like the comments against some races on the forums.
KBU (Kurdistan Bloggers Union) is a mark for this blog, so if the posts are on this blog, then KBU is responsible for the contents. But if the comments are posted on the Forums or News sections, theb KBU is not responsible. Therefore I suggest KBU name to be removed from both the Forums and the News sections.

5th No one is allowed to preach hatred and racist comments against any nations, races, religions or beleifs.

I have installed the Haloscan commenting section because I have had problems in the past with some members of KBU banning commentators. Please do not remove the Haloscan as this ensures that our readers have their say in a free system in which it ensures the principles of the freedom of expression.

Finally, my regards to all our the members and the readers and those who have emailed me. I will post a normal topic in my blog in the few days so I will look forward to see you there.

Kurdo - 7/11/05

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