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Monday, October 31, 2005 

KBU is alive !

the idea of having a group blog called KBU was from Kurdo , now that Kurdo is in his Winter Sleep , KBU Blog is Admin-Less but we are doing our best to keep KBU alive , and hopefully soon we will do changes and upgrades to keep this sucessfull blog alive and make it better .

I noticed e-mails that been sent to us , some of you intorduced new friends of Kurds , to be added to the list , I really become exicted to see all those nice ppl ! but as I said our admin is in winter sleep and I am still waiting to get a reply from our sleeping admin , dear Kurdo!

so please dont think we dont read your e-mails and we dont pay attention to our friends !

now I would like to introduce some new kurdish blog , when I saw these new blogs , I felt a new wind blowng to kurdish blogs .

Here I would like to take the oppotunity to cheer for Bush's visitng Barzani as President of Kurdistan .
when I read in the news that President Bush used Kurdistan word [not "northern iraq" word as he used to do ] I didnt belive it !
I said "it is impossible . the word kurdistan is a forbiden word in Turkey and it would make Turkey to be mad with America

and as I had expected it happend !!! read this news :
the Charge d'Affaires for the US Embassy, Nancy McEldowney, was called to the Foreign Ministry, where Turkish Undersecretary Nabi Sensoy formally asked her to explain "whose president" Barzani was welcomed as at the White House.
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as I saw Turkey that angrey I made sure that President Bush ultimately breaked the Taboo and used "Kurdistan" word .

cheeeeeers ! Kurdistan Kurdistan Kurdistan no "nothern iraq" word anymore.

I would like to tell you just after President Bush's using Kurdistan word, American Radios in Persian also used Kurdistan word and I hardly hear that Ugly word for my homeland [northern iraq] and many other medias broke the taboo of using Kurdistan word .
[may be thats the result of this Kurdish Google Bomb --> northern iraq It would be an honor for we bloggers to find out that Pr.Bush's words been effected by our blogs...]

....by the way I forgot to say , Happy Halloween to President Bush , to American Brave troops in Iraq and all those who care about Kurdistan .

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