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Thursday, November 10, 2005 


The Kurdistan Development Corporation (KDC) which is allied with the Kurdistan Regional Government has a investment development website. Recently in order to increase American investment monies into the region they have started an ad campaign to illustrate the changes that have been made in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. They have made 3 commericals that have started to air on major news networks in the United States. At the moment I am not sure what to think of them. They are high quality ads, and they use a lot of rhetoric that would make Americans happy ("we have been practicing democracy for over 10 years"...)

The three television ads can be seen here as part of their "The Other Iraq" campaign .

I am curious to find out what other Kurds (and the friends of the Kurds) think of these ads. I know that some will be upset as they are claiming both Iraq and Kurdistan in their ads, so I really don't want to here anyone's opinion on that particular subject. But I would like people to comment as to whether they think that the ad campaign itself will benefit the Kurds of the southern region.

I wouldn't worry about Americans knowing the difference between Kurds and Arabs. We are still trying to figure out the differences between the Japanese and Chinese! (lol, no harm intended.)

I really like them. It shows more than smiles. It shows a determination and a willingness of a people to do for themselves what the world would not. I see people grateful that a brutal dictator and his sons are gone, and they are now free to live!

I also see a proud people. A modest, warm, loving people. Proud enough to make it work, and humble enough to give thanks. I give thanks, also. It is a miracle we get to meet.

You are in my prayers. I will continue the truth about what is really happening through the many differing opinions. My God! Imagine that? It is now possible to have opinions! :)

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