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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Someone explain this to me....

Last week, Vladimir posted an article from Rebar Jaff from The Globe, siteing an incident where Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Erdogan left a news conference after learning that reporters from Roj TV were there. Erdogan has a history of not liking the Kurds in general, and just when we think that we have everything figured out he makes statements like this:

"We are all citizens of the republic of Turkey under that upper identity," he said. However all Turks have "sub-identities," Erdogan said. "No one should be offended by this. A Kurd can say 'I am a Kurd.'"

Whoa! Please raise your hand if you saw that one coming. Yeah, I didn't raise mine as well. This sounds wonderful for the Kurds of Northern Kurdistan, but I feel a little apprehensive.

See that coming?

I thought it typical bullshit from a crapy man...

He went to Amed, and said he would take up the "Kurdish problem" (ridiculus name we got in Turkey, it should be the "Turkish problem" - their the ones with the problem!). Only a month later he went to Denmark and did what he did... And NOW - he is calling Kurdish identity a "Sub Turkish" identity - What makes you think anything has changed? He only repeated what Turkey has been saying for a looooooooong time... "Kurds are Mountain Turks" - basically... Think about it - WHY is being KURDISH a "Sub-Turkish" identity? Logically speaking, those are other words for "Kurds are realy Turks"...

Ever heard about the unity of humanity? that there are no borders? have you ever been to the border of two countries?

what I am trying to say is that yes, those Kurds are Turks as well. Just as indians are Americans. Not citizens of Indianistan. Do you not think that those Chinese people in Chinatown who does not speak a single word of english yet were born and raised in New york city would mind being called -American- ?

Just with the same logic, I believe, Kurds; Laz's or Circassian's who live in Turkey are Turks.

Any Kurd can get up and say I'm a Kurd. Correct me if I'm wrong but if he says it in Turkey in Kurdish he can also be arrested.

A little?

it is really not that hard to be arrested in Turkey. Last week a writer got 6 months in jail only because he argued that Ataturk, the semi-atheist founder of Turkey did not have a prayer ceremony in a mosque after his death. He corrected his statement the next day yet he got sentenced for "slander"...

The basic logic of a kurd going into jailforspeaking kurdish is that "the official language of Turkey is Turkish"... following this statement anyone can arrest anyone. it's stupid I know.. turkish judiciary system.

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