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Sunday, December 18, 2005 

Kurdish Bloggers in the News

Charles Chapman of the Is-Ought Problem, recently had an article of his published on KurdishMedia, Will Iraqi Kurdistan teach Turkey about Freedom of Speech?

He has consistantly proven himself to be an objective voice of the Kurds, and should be on your read list.

Bilal Wahab from Better Kurdistan and Iraq got to meet the President of the United States on December 15th, the day marking the parlimentary elections in Iraq. I have seen his photo all over the news in the US, and I think that it is wonderful!

And for some work that should be in the news....The wonderful job Roj Bash! and From Holland to Kurdistan have been doing in bringing some of the personal stories of Kurds voting in the Iraqi elections in Europe. Hiwa Hopes and Kurdo's World have also had some excellent election coverage.

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