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Thursday, October 07, 2004 

Iraq going the way of Turkey

"Demanding self-determination is an act of treason and will be suppressed forcibly"

Well the Interim President of Iraq Ghazi al-Yawar says Iraq will stay in one piece and wanting it otherwise is "bad". Turkey has done the same thing to its Kurds for years, wanting your own homeland is bad therefore we are going to punish you, and know it looks like al-Yawar is taking a page from that book as well. Besides for "a considerable period of history Iraq has been a unified country", I'm sorry but fifty years is not a considerable amount of history to an area that has been inhabited since before 3000 bc! And to make this all the more annoying, this is the same man that our friend and Kurdish minister in the Interim goverment Nesreen Berwari married. Way to pick a hubby Nesreen.

And since I am in angry mode. Last Saturday I was at the store wearing my "Free Leyla Zana" t-shirt, which yes is out of date but I was wearing it anyway. Some random guy asked me why she was imprisoned, as soon as I said "she is a Kurdish activist" he said, "ahh, an insurgent." I tried to explain to him that she wasn't an insurgent but a peaceful activist and parlimentarian but he wouldn't listen. My fellow Americans, I know that you watch the nightly news and that you are trying to be informed, but please, please, please...don't start throwing the big words that news anchors use unless you really understand what exactly they mean. It annoys me that now in the US, Kurdish is so often associated with being an "insurgent" and thanks to Mr. al-Yawar for continueing that fine fine tradition.


One evening Nesreen Mustafa Barwari called me and asked me to visit her home because her lip was not healing. Her lip had a big mole and I removed it for her. She then asked me to stay with her and offered me a glass of wine, so I did and the nature took its place. She was although married to Ghazi Yawar but according to her, she left him because he had beaten her so I felts sorry for her. She then insisted that I marry her and that Ghazi was going to divorce her. I was so blind by sex, which I believed her but after I went home and thought things through, I was sure that she can not be accepted by my family and relatives so I distanced my self from her but her abusive emails a emails which I have them all and will be in my book one day…so look out for detail. SO when I hear her name over and over and how the public view her, she is very low class woman and very cheap. She made me give her jewelry and money otherwise; she was not going to leave me alone. I am not proud of what I did but she had me dunked and her guards were outside the door, they all knew the time I left her home.

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