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Tuesday, October 05, 2004 

Jack Straw in Hawleer!

I was surprised just as others were by the sudden visit of the UK foreign Minister Mr Straw to th Kurdistan Regional Goverment.
As usual, none of the news agencies or big media's (as far as I looked for) talked about the visit (may be it was just symbolic!) well the Kurdish media and the Kurds paid alot of attention to it as Mr Straw had come from Jordan to Kirkuk and from there to Hawleer, then he went to Baghdad!
I listened to the Kurdish translation of what he said about Kirkuk and I was just telling myself that, this man has been told to say what he just said by the guys in Kirkuk (which to me was just what the Kurds want!)I felt good, may be I was very naive but sometimes my feelings are greatly affected by the news regardless of right or wrong!
The thing I was totally shocked about it was, when from the previous posts Rob and others of our blog visitors said they even didnt hear about the demo's about Kurdistan independence (!), today all the TV channels and the rest of it, neglected Mr Straw's visit to Kurdistan but I am sure they will all talk about his meals in Baghdad!Oh well the same old Lord is discriminating the Kurds, I shouldn't be blaming anyone for it!
..off the topic
Killing the Kurds in Iraq is like jihad against the Jews nowadays, and I read news about killing, beheading and kidnapping kurds in most of the Iraqi cities (oh well we are brothers these things happen! it is natural ha?). Another issue is everyone suddenly started to blame [Kurds] for co-operating with Israili's and their existence in Kurdistan without any proof at all! why there is no body to blame the Turks for their ultimate cooperation with Israel?
right, I'd better leave you with the same old question: why Kurds? Heck I am desperate for an answer to that question!

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