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Saturday, October 02, 2004 

YES for Referendum, YES for self determination!

Iraq which the whole world think exists, in deed does not exist (as an american journalist had said) and it is about two nations which are coerced to live together!

The referendum movement starting from today will do different events to show the Kurds voice to the world that "the leaders might not say everything for any reason but the folk will", I couldnt go to london and I feel ashamed sitting at home while the Kurdish flag is shown to the world that we as ANY OF YOU GUYS should enjoy to be proud of Kurdi (kurdish), proud of being a Kurd, proud of our ala (flag) .
The events will be done through out south Kurdistan(including Kirkuk, Khanaqeen, mandali and other newly liberated parts) and all around the world! Like a normal Kurd sitting at home and praying for GOD to help us be safe from our enemies and give us power to succeed will do nothing but more misery and frustration. The de facto democracy in Kurdistan is shown by this movement which overrides the Kurdish political view and its Kurdistan Reagional Goverment!

If the anti-terror world is looking for a real ally goverment, then South Kurdistan has proved to be the safest place for real demoracy and Kurds have proven to be the peace loving nation.

The goverment change in Kurdistan in 1991 brought the first election inside the Turks forced map of Iraq!it did not bring killing a single member of the UN personel let alone killing the head of UN, no kidnappings of Simona alike humanity loving people, we never had any past of beheading British or Americans!

Kurds want to show to the world that we are the right people to plant democracy among us,by correcting what went wrong in 1920s.

The movement calls upon UN, having around 2M signatures of Kurds who say: "come and ask the kurds to see what they want"

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