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Sunday, October 03, 2004 

note to future hostages: a kidnapper is not your host, compliments are not necessary

Over the past few months all we ever see is smiling kidnappers showering their victims with kisses and gifts every time they are set free while the rest of the world is meant to think that they are kind decent human beings.
No of course it has nothing to do with the fact that these ppl will probably sell their own parents for a dollar and therefore logically will be drowning the hostages with kisses for the amount of money given to them. What are these gifts they give away anyway, im curious.. their version of the Quran? Jilbabs? Knock off choclates like ulker and ghandoori which are disappointing imitationsof the real thing?.

Alot of these hostages only seem too happy to go complimenting their kidnappers and how they showed great iraqi hospitality, excuse me maybe these guys know more about iraq than I do but the last time I went back I wasn't greeted by masked relatives who threw me in a car, drove me away and flung me in the corner of a room for days before greeting me. Maybe the etiquette of hospitality has changed since the last time i visited.

I could understand it if the vicitms were iraqi or had to live in Iraq, I mean not everyone there can afford protection so they'll have to choose their words wisely, but ppl who leave Iraq what’s their excuse.
They're going out of their way to praise how good these ppl were "they fed me really well, they took care of me, i had the best clothes, that was the finest set of venerial diseases i've ever picked up"

I'm not only referring to that interview by the 2 simonas they are just an exaggeration of what was already happening. For 2 caring aid workers who have done so much work for iraqi children that interview made them look like 2 extremely self-centered tits. Don't get me wrong I'm glad they are released and ok i wasn't expecting an interview with 2 weak whimpering women but i definitely wasn't expecting this. The things written there were completely insensitive to families of iraqis and foreigners who have been murdered by these "kind , caring" terrorists. I mean stuff like "The guerrilla war is justified, but I am against the kidnapping of civilians." Why because that’s what happened to you and only things that happen to you are important? So the senseless slaughter of 35 children a few days ago or beheading or the constant murder of iraqis in mosques, churches, shops and everywhere is ok because it doesn't affect you?

Though reading about how they learned about the pillars of islam through getting kidnapped made me think how come the association of muslim scholars didn't find a way to market that idea, they're the type of ppl who are willing to make money out of anything. You know sell it as some kind of "adventure and spirituality package", who needs to learn from books or visit ancient sites,just hang around one of their offices long enough and the journey to learn islam their way begins

The implications of stories like that are pretty bad. On one hand they give the terrorists more PR than they ever imagined, encouraging more acts like that to happen and on the other make it look like all Iraqis are prone to be kidnappers. Seriously look at the explanations some 'analysts' give its always along the lines of "they are just having a hard time so they kidnap", you know like its just a thing we do. While some ppl deal with stress by breaking things we choose to kidnap ppl. It's bad enough being the victims of the crime but also being told that all the criminals are iraqis (no evidence given for that) and that this is an inbuilt thing iraqis (whatever their origin of course ignoring the areas that don't have these crimes) come with
So maybe the next time I have a rough day i should start looking up the tourist hotspots and start sizing up the ppl there, shall i kidnap the american one in colorful getup with the pink bumbag, or how about the orange british guy whose sunburnt to a point where his joins cant meet, no wait maybe the bordering-on-albino blonde dutch guy who never gets his directions right... or how about taking a shorter route and kidnapping members from my own family there's enough nationalities there to spare

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