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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

American Reactions to Kurdistan adverts

Delal did a great job by asking about the reaction of people about the Kurdistan adverts on US channels. I did a little search to find what Americans think about the adverts:

Bryan Alexandre says:
It just doesn't sound like the image of the United States has been tarnished around the world like liberal Democrats like to claim. Certainly, U.S. image is shining brightly in places where people really know what is going on.

News Hounds : seems not to have liked it.
Thank You Ad From Kurdistan On FOX

This morning during a Fox & Friends commercial break, around 7AM, a very bizarre and jarring ad appeared. Similar to many travel ads for state tourism, it showed a brief and snappy montage of smiling Kurds going about their happy lives, displaying purple fingers and thanking the US. A graphic declaration followed , Kurdistan- The Other Iraq.
comment: For a second, I thought the TV had accidentally switched to Comedy Central but it was still on FOX. It's great that the people of Kurdistan want to thank us, but wouldn't a more dignified slogan be more appropriate?

It seems, however, that this ad is sponsored by the Kurdistan Development Corporation and is more about making money than giving thanks.

Eric advises others to see the ads online :
If you haven’t seen the moving tributes to America and Great Britain that are being run by the Iraqi Kurds, do it now. Here is a transcript from the first one, but it does not do justice to the video images.

Scott says : "You do not know enough about Kurdistan"

"I've read much of Kurdistan as Christopher Hitchens is among the worlds experts and writes of the region often.RG Combs has a very informative post explaining more about a region we helped to liberate and is a true success story in post war Iraq.

- - - - - - - --

I just want to add a comment as a person who considers himself from Kurdistan.

I support these ads 100%..Some Kurds might disagree with me (but only a minority), let's face it, if it was not for USA, who would think that Kurdistan (as a region or political entity) would be able to advertise for itself on US and European Tvs ?

I remember in the 1990s when our uprising was very fresh and when we were being protected by US and British planes, we could not even reach our voice to the neighbouring countries.

At that time, I remember on one of the Kurdish channel, a Kurd from Europe sent back a video which he took in the streets of one of the European cities ...this is what it was about :

Question: Hello, can I ask you a question, do you know what "Kurd" or "Kurdistan" is ?

Most were answering as "no" or "Is this one of these Russian states" or "Is this a carpet" or "type of food " etc.

But to see today that we are able to advertise for our experience in other countries is a huge step for Kurds in their entire history. Therefore the people of Kurdistan are thankful for the Americans and their allies. Let's face it, we might not agree on everything with the USA (especially on independence for Kurdistan), but still what Kurds have done in the last couple of years, has never happened in the Kurdish history.

So Kurds are thankful, and we hope to see more American and western and other companies in Kurdistan to invest. Don't worry, you are very safe in Kurdistan. Then, what does safety mean in today's dictionary? A terrorist attack could happen in London, New York, Madrid, Amman, Baghdad etc etc.
The chances of a terrorist attack happening in Kurdistan is as much as the chance of it happening in Europe. Are we safe in Madrid ? Are we safe in New York ? Are we safe in London ? Are we safe in Kurdistan ? I think the answer to these questions are all the same.

Wait for more adverts. Hopefully this time for holidays in Kurdistan. And if Iraq (hopefully) was safe, you could also visit Babylon and many other nice areas in Mesoptamia.

Thank You Allied Forces Again !

p.s. (if anyone wants to join this group, please leave a comment. It doesn't matter if you are a Kurd or no. All welcomed )

I love the advertisements. I thank you for thanking those who are securing your freedom from Saddam. I have added your site to my blogroll.


"p.s. (if anyone wants to join this group, please leave a comment. It doesn't matter if you are a Kurd or no. All welcomed )"

Which group, the KBU?

I absolutely adore it. It was an article at my site. Welcome to Kurdistan, Iraq.

I wrote it like that to show my support for Kurdistan. Also, that is the way they do it in Iran. Kurdistan is sooooo big!

It spreads from eastern Syria, up through Turkey (blah on Turkey!), all the way to Iran! The Arabs, who have 22 states, want more land and another state. So the USA and Israel gives them one? Bah, humbug!

Free Kurdistan! Thank you.

Generally, the advertisements are very smart and effective. There is, however, one exception.

The video on the Relationship with the West is not effective. On the contrary, it is ineffective and perhaps a bit insulting. Notice, I didn't say it was inaccurate. I know it is accurate. My point is that it is ineffective. The Americans do not want to hear how they "betrayed their allies" and "didn't live up to their promsises" even if (indeed, particularly because) it is true. Certainly not when we're spending billions of dollars in Iraq, and losing men. The other advertisements are great. But the one regarding Kurdistan's Relationship with the West is simply bad politics.

Don't get me wrong, that video could be good. If it started witht he no-fly zone, it would be very effective and very good politics and advertising.

Again, I'm not talking about truth. I'm talking about being effective, making friends and influencing people.

The is-ought problem

Dear Charles,
I must strongly disagree. Any relationship built on false notions, is bound to be stressful, tense, and a lie. It is better to have everything upfront.

Yes. Even if it hurts. It did not bother me to KNOW the TRUTH. We, as Americans, should be strong enough to handle, at the minimum, the truth. Thank you.

"rosemary said...

Dear Charles,
I must strongly disagree. Any relationship built on false notions, is bound to be stressful, tense, and a lie. It is better to have everything upfront.

Yes. Even if it hurts. It did not bother me to KNOW the TRUTH. We, as Americans, should be strong enough to handle, at the minimum, the truth. Thank you. "


You are wonderfully idealistic. I very much appreciate that. However, I believe you are not being realistic. It may be a matter of timing, and patience and getting to know another slowly.

Let's say that I want to become friends with another individual, man or woman. I am not going to lie to them. However, I am also not going to truthfully tell them immediately about every negative thing about themselves. It would be like just meeting someone for the first, second, third time, etc., and saying, truthfully, "You have bad breadth" or "You have bad body odor" or "What you did 10 years ago was very bad." It is not the way to start a relationship.

Well, for the overwhelming majority of the American people, their relationship with Iraqi Kurdistan is just beginning.

I'm not suggesting that one lie. And I'm not suggesting that one not eventually tell the entire truth, what one really feels. I'm just suggesting that it can be counter-productive to do so right away. These advertisements are the Kurds introduction to the American people. It is simply not productive to have the first thing one says be, "You really screwed us 15 years ago." Don't lie; just don't say it right away. Make friends first, then explains and educate more.

Also, don't fall in the trap of confusng the way things "should" be with the way things "are." That is the reverse naturalistic fallacy (see link on my blog).

-- Charles

You know what Charles? You make a very good point. In essence what you are saying is you would not answer this question, "How does this dress look on me? Does it make me look fat?"

You are a wise man! LOL. I guess I overlook some things, because I already know. It is good to have someone who can step back and see with clear eyes.

Mine still burn with anger. I believe there should a Kurdistan which includes ALL Kurds. This does cloud my judgement. Thank you for helping me to see that. :)

can you fully, with all your heart, declare the 100% validity and truth of this statement?

"Saddam’s goal was to bury every living Kurd."

I saw one of the commercials tonight on one of our news channels. I must say that it moved be quite a bit. As Americans, we are rarely given any good news of any events in Iraq unless the news is so big that our media can not avoid reporting it.

Watching as people went to the polls in Iraq was inspiring. I salute the spirit of all those who stood up to be counted, after having been under the hand of tyranny for so long.

And, as an American, concerning the subject of telling us that what we did a decade ago was the wrong thing to do..? I say go for it. There was a lot of us here saying the same thing, and we agree. Sure, some may not like it, but those are the very same people with an interest in portraying everything in Iraq as a negative, anyway, and the rest of us are already on their case.

In addition, I posted about this on my regular forum, which is run by another American, but has many regular posters from other countries, if you would like to see the various reactions to it.

Be prepared to wade through alot of negative with the positive, though.


Congratulations to the people of Kurdistan. As an American, it was heartening to see the advertisements. My family greatly appreciated the generosity of the Kurdish people and their expression of gratitude. It's an honor to be apart of your liberation from that terrorist-sponsoring tyrant, Saddam Hussein.

The fascists, like bin Laden and Zarqawi, who use Islam for their own perverted means, screwed up royally on 9/11. We know that our destiny is to stand beside freedom-loving and freedom-desiring citizens in the Middle East in their struggle to rid themselves of their oppressors.

We will stand by the free people of Iraq. We will stand by the free people of the Middle East and seek to break the chains of tyranny and oppression.

My only regret is that we didn't do this sooner.

God Bless all of you. Truly, I'm ecstatic for the people of Kurdistan.

As am I. I look forward to the day when the United States will be allies with an independent Kurdistan.

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